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May 2015 US Island Program One Day Getaway Island Activation Plans

Of course our friend George W9EVT will be operating for the day from Washington Island WI001L

Here further south in Wisconsin the team is myself and Scott W9JSB.  We may add one or two more hams, but they haven’t confirmed as I wrote.

Plan is The Friday evening part (May 9th 0000Z to dark)  to operate from Step-In Island WI039R.  This is a second time activation of an Island in Shoto Wisconsin.

Saturday will start with “The Flats” WI041R – an Island in Appleton Wisconsin in the Fox River – with myself running solo, and Scott W9JSB will join after he is done coaching his kids soccer team to do a first time ever activation for Banta Island WI057R.   Banta Island is further downstream in the Fox River, still in Appleton.

Equipment will be a bit different for the One Day Getaway than my past Island operations:

  • Transceiver – FlexRadio Systems Flex-6300, running SmartSDR 1.4.3 and a Toshiba Laptop
  • Antenna – SteppIR CrankIR antenna

I used this FlexRadio/CrankIR set up with great success for Washington Island WI001L weekends at Rocky Ridge Farm – a place we leased last season about 2 miles from George W9EVT’s QTH. As most folk refused to believe I wasn’t running an Amp and a Beam when I ran the setup from Rocky Ridge Farm, I am hoping the same performance will work for the team for the One Day Getaway.

Appreciate some help for the first time activation!  We need at least 25 confirmed QSOs with a minimum of one DX QSO to make the activation of Banta Island WI057R official.  Hoping we can catch many of you on the air that day!



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K9ZW Joins the JT65 160m Affray

Decided I should give the JT65 mode a whirl after hearing how much success Scott W9JSB was having.

As I had earlier been on the 160m SSB Every Night Net, I thought I would see if there was any JT65 on 160m.

What a surprise as at 1.838 there is a raft of stations – at least that is what it sounded like “by ear.”

Downloading the JT65 software was easy – setting up things to work with PowerSDR and the Flex-5000A was a bit roundabout but doable.

The result was QSOs from the start!

Here is a screen shot of the software running (you can click to see a larger version):

K9ZW in a JT65 160m QSO with N4UPX

K9ZW in a JT65 160m QSO with N4UPX

All told I only made Eight JT65 160m QSOs – they take several minutes each – here is the calls and reports:

WA3WZR -17
N4UPX -08
K4JJQ -08
VE9DX -03
N6KMR -10
K0IDT -04
W5GW -12

Went right back and added another ten QSOs:


JT65 is a rather unusual mode in that it is about making the contact, and just about anything else is “chatter” and generally technically a difficultly.

Here is a descriptive and history of the mode: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WSJT_(Amateur_radio_software)

The Project’s Homepage is at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jt65-hf/

Flex had an article on configuration that was based on an older versions, but helped: http://kc.flex-radio.com/KnowledgebaseArticle50362.aspx

Definitely an interesting mode and I am sure I will play around with it a bit.

Hope to meet you on 160m JT65 sometime soon!



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Rebirth of a Radio Club – the new Mancorad W9DK Radio Club

Mancorad Lives:

The local community’s oldest and widest interest Amateur Radio Club, Mancorad W9DK, had dropped to precariously small membership over the last few years. The reasons appear complex, though whittle down to a few truisms:

  • Being in a Club has to be Fun.
  • A Club needs to reflect the interests & needs of the greatest possible number of its membership.
  • A Club thrives on good information shared widely among its members.

I had personally dropped off the Board of Directors in August 2010 and not renewed my membership as the club wasn’t a success on any of the three measures, and I wasn’t able to find a way to effect enough positive change to make a difference.

Fortunately things change with time, and Mancorad has a new leader, who’s committed to put the club back on track.

So last weekend I renewed my membership and accepted the appointment from club President Tim N7TAL of Mancorad Secretary/Treasurer, as Scott W9JSB renewed to accepted the Vice Presidency.

The change-over is already going well, and it has been a real boost the support flowing in from the radio amateurs in the community.

At community events this week I’ve had people pressing their renewal dues & forms into my hands, and personally been told about the excited joyful buzz.

Lots of loose ends are being tidied up, with great cooperation from other organizations.

Things could not look more positive.

On the Mancorad front the changes and reality check of how far the membership’s direct involvement had fallen has lead to club president Tim N7TAL making some adjustments:

  • Field Day is moved to the Mancorad Club Shack, rather than a local park.
  • Membership meetings are temporarily on hold for a few months – a sort of “pardon our construction” as meeting speakers and activities are newly lined up.
  • Club “Open Shack” moves from a scheduled slot after Board of Director’s meetings to “Open Shack by Arrangement” to better serve members’ available time & interests.
  • The repeater coordinations are being updated after being allowed to lapse, and the process to assign W9MTW to the 146.610 and K9MTW to the 145.110 repeater has been initiated.

Exciting times, and an effort greatly benefiting from the outpouring of support from present, past and returning members, not to mention the cooperation of the special interests focus amateur radio groups our community is fortunate to have.

Expect more – it’s being readied for delivery!



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Presidential Visit Special Event – K9O for January 26th 2011

The ARRL VEC has granted the 1×1 Special Event Callsign of “K9O” (Kilo Niner Oscar) to commemorate the first ever Office of the President visit to Manitowoc, Wisconsin.

Two items, respectfulness of security and that little problem called “work” will keep us off the air until some hours after the visit is completed.

Tentative schedule is (times & frequencies are approximate) Staring after work on Wednesday January 26th 2011:

Tentative K9O Schedule

Tentative K9O Schedule

We may be back on 20m SSB if requested.

We will do a special K9O QSL Card to mark the occasion – QSL direct with an SASE via my call (good at QRZ).

Tentative operators Steve-K9ZW, Scott-W9JSB and Tim-N7TAL

Operations will be from the K9ZW Radio Shack, working with a Flex-5000A. SSB will run a kW, PSK 25w and Hellschreiber 80w.

Possible Operations the next day, though schedules do not look good.

Over the local repeaters some 2m activity may be possible.

Hope to catch you on the air.



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