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EZNEC Antenna Modeling for All of Us

I missed this while it was happening. I was looking to update my old software to model my new antenna configurations and found out about the change.

As Roy W7EL decided to retire, he made public his EZNEC antenna modeling software (compiled form only).


There is also some neat stuff on NEC-5 end, where there is a collaborative update to the latest version (NEC5 X11) thanks to some great ham inputs! https://eznec.com/NEC-5.htm

The AC6LA add-on AutoEZ is something I plan to check out. https://eznec.com/AutoEZ.htm and https://ac6la.com/

AutoEZ is interesting as it an an Add-On to EZNEC which in also in essence an Add-On to NEC.  AutoEZ appears Excel-based, EZNEC is Visual Basic 6 (obsolete version) with some Fortran modules,  and the core NEC compiled Fortran (Intel Visual Fortran with the mkl math libraries).

Below the “–” line I will include some background from either Roy W7EL (website archived copy or QRZ.com) or a QSO Today Podcast interview he did with Eric 4Z1UG.

Well worth checking out all of these programs.

Also a series of dedicated books by ON5AU that should be considered if you are going to put EZNEC to work:



GL and 73


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Dayton Hamvention 2008 Follow-Up Report No. 11 – EZNEC Antenna Modeling


I’ve been long interested in Antenna Modeling, and had started using EZNEC-ARRL as part of the ARRL CCE Antenna Modeling Course.

As I recently wrote about, I’ve also been using CocoaNEC on a Mac.

In both cases I have been approaching program limitations with some of the full-station modeling I have been trying.

EZNEC Version 5.0+ seemed to be the best fit for the modeling projects I am attempting and after discussion with Roy Lewallen W7EL I took the plunge & bought his latest version.

One must remember that NEC2 itself is limited and no “shell” surrounding the NEC2 core can overcome those minor limitations.

From Roy W7EL’s website:

The best way to get acquainted with EZNEC is to download the free demo program. It’s a complete EZNEC program except limited in the complexity of antenna it can analyze. With it, you’ll quickly learn what EZNEC can — and can’t — do for you.

Information About the Free EZNEC v. 5.0 demo version

ARRL has version 4.0-arrl included with the ARRL Antenna Book as well.

Now it is up to me to make good use of this tool!



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