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Flex-6000 Series – Little Bits of News – Payment Schedules, Computers, Digital Modes, Videos

First a thanks to Tim W4TME, as he super quickly responded to series of emailed questions.

I was very candid and asked FlexRadio Systems’s Tim W4TME permission to share the information from his answers, so I am not sharing anything that you wouldn’t receive as a reply if you asked FlexRadio Systems.

One of my concerns has been how long will we have to get the rest of our payment together when the radios are released?

It always seems life has a way of “piling on” expenses when they are the least welcomed. Whether it is something we know is coming, like tax payments, or those special financial adventures like needing to replace a car. Just always seems to work out like that.

The question I asked was – How much advance notification will those of us with deposits on the new Flex-6000 series radios receive before payment and shipment? I don’t need an ETA but rather would like to know that the intention is to annouce ETAs x-number of weeks before payment and shipment would happen.

Tim shares: “The plan is to notify you about two weeks before the scheduled ship date and would expect payment by that time.

That seems workable here. Guess I had this worry of a email or call giving less time. Of course I would imagine some of us will swipe a card and settle with our credit card company perhaps spread over a month or two.

Then I asked about computers for the new SmartSDR, as I am thinking of upgrading and wouldn’t want to but something that couldn’t be used.

My question was – On the technical side has a minimal computer spec become available? I’ve held off doing some upgrading to make sure I wasn’t caught out, but it is getting time to replace my station PC.

From Tim “On the computer side of things, for SmartSDR for Windows, we are recommending at least a dual core CPU. The amount of RAM depends on the bit-depth of the operating systems; 4 MB for 32-bit / 8GB for 64-bit. What is most important is having a video adapter that is capable of graphics hardware acceleration. Here is a HelpDesk article that sums up the requirements: http://helpdesk.flexradio.com/entries/22792392-what-is-important-in-choosing-a-video-graphics-card.”

I also asked about digital modes & software – that discussion doesn’t lend itself as well to cut and paste, and is best summarized with Tim’s comment

Per Tim’s email “Initially, digital modes will still need to use external programs. There are some *very* preliminary discussions regarding integrating digital modes into SmartSDR, but nothing has been decided.”

Tim also mentioned that FlexRadio Systems plans to release more videos of SmartSDR in action in the near future.

I want to be clear I have no special link into FlexRadio Systems, I just ask questions straight up and ask permission on what I can share so I am 100% clear what is ok to tell others.

Tim wrote “You can share “

I think it is crucial to be 100% candid when asking for information if one wants to share that information – you need to be upfront. Ethically it is crucial.

So in summary:

  • If you have a Flex-6000 Signature Series on order with an introductory program deposit in place, expect a two-week head’s up when your radio is ready to ship in which to make payment.
  • The SmartSDR Computer needs are modest and the Knowledge Base already has a guide. Pay attention to the graphics card needs though.
  • Initially expect to use your usual Digital Mode Software with SmartSDR – details on how and future options to follow.
  • FlexRadio Systems is planning more SmartSDR videos to be released.

All seems <<very>> satisfactory and with my interest piqued I am enjoying the anticipation!



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An Insider’s Look at the Flex-Radio Flex-1500 QRP SDR Transceiver through the Blog of a Beta-Tester

Tim W4TME, Internet Systems Administrator for FlexRadio Systems, is doing a semi-public blog on Beta Testing the new Flex-1500 QRP SDR Transceiver.

Flex-1500 QRP SDR Transceiver

Flex-1500 QRP SDR Transceiver

“THE FLEX-1500 OOB EXPERIENCE AND BETA TESTING ADVENTURES” can be found at: http://flex-1500.blogspot.com/

Flex-1500 QRP SDR Running PSK

Flex-1500 QRP SDR Running PSK

Definitely worth watching the development of this very neat radio!



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