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The Rambling Series: Quick and Dirty Tips Podcasts

Check out the short write up on “Quick and Dirty Tips” podcasts.

As mentioned in my end of 2007 post, I will be moving the content for “The Rambling Series” to Random Hold in order to reduce the “clutter” for radio amateurs subscribing by RSS who do not want to read about things other than ham radio.


is today’s link!



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Boxing Day Present – Something Different of the Renaissance Mettle

Renaissance Festival Podcast Banner

Boxing Day is a fine old English Tradition that in our household will be noted mostly by Alison, her being English born. I imagine while I am back at work she will listen to her Queen’s Boxing Day address on the XM radio or perhaps watch it on Cable.

The day has a long association with Alms & Charity, and a reverence of times past.

The sharing is important. So today I am sharing a Podcast about as far away from Amateur Radio as they come, but unique and of fine enjoyment.

Renaissance Festival Podcast

Weekly music and entertainment from Renaissance festivals with Celtic music,
Irish folk music, Scottish bagpipes, English folk, Gypsy music, Renaissance music, and comedy from groups performing this week at a faire near you.”

http://www.renaissancefestivalmusic.com/ is one of the few podcasts that I always listen to each new issue.

Word of warning if songs though ancient that have a bit of spice about them, much like the humor of the “Shaving Cream Song,”
offend your sensibilities stick with RenPodcast’s Christmas and Family shows. The bawdy and pirate specials should be skipped if you are not into a “rudy good chuckle” now and then!

A Happy Boxing Day!



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Wings & Wheels Over the Years – Old Webpages of Some of my Cars & Planes

I was recently surprised to receive an email asking about one of the airplanes I’ve owned over the years. Seems the fellow had turned up a picture of the Temco-Riley D-16(A) Twin-Navion I had owned, and had gone one to “Google me Down.”

I had forgotten that hosted on one of my friend’s website a number of pictures lived on:


N110N Temco-Riley D-16(A) Twin-Navion

The pages are hosted on Blair Anderson’s “The Citroen Connection” in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

There have been quite a few others – a Citroen XM sedan, several Norton Commando Motorcycles, a Laverda Jota motorcycle, Morris Minors, Austin Mini Clubman, Austin Vanden Plas Princess, a Mini Metro Vanden Plas, a Citroen HY-Van, several more Panhard PL-17/17bt cars, Land Rovers, several VWs & Volvos, some 1950’s hot rod iron, and I am certain a few I just haven’t remembered as I type.

The years have seen all of these vehicles go to other collectors, drivers, & pilots. At least on ended up in a museum. Have kept a Peugeot 504D and my trusty BMW K100LT motorcycle around.

The pictures brought back memories – that CX2400 Pallas was a fantastic Autobahn car wit a lovely sweet spot at 115 mph cruising. The Panhard PL-17 was a perfect car for a grad student on a budget as it always started and was so very frugal.



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Xerox’s Let’s Say Thanks Campaign – Send a Christmas Card to one of the Troops

Let’s Say Thanks Logo

Xerox is running “Let’s Say Thanks,” a program that lets you fill in and send a postcard Holiday Card to one of our Troops.

Whatever your personal politics I can tell you any gesture of support to those serving overseas is appreciated by the troops that receive it. Serving in a foreign land on behalf of your country can be a bit of an emotional drain – been there myself and remember how the small bits of kindness – the thoughts expressed – meant a lot.

When I could I would pull guard duty to allow one of the married soldiers to be with his wife and family, even though I would have never been assigned guard duty.

Check out http://www.letssaythanks.com/ and send your wishes to someone serving far away on all of our behalf.



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Finding a Real Software Bug – NeoOffice Bugzilla

NeoOffice Logo

Working with NeoOffice (an OS-X version of OpenOffice) typing the meeting minutes for the Mancorad W9DK Radio Club meeting last Wednesday sharp eyes (thank you Dan N9NCU) spotted some run-together words in the exported pdf that did not appear in the editable swx file.

Reporting the finding at the NeoOffice Bugzilla website I had hoped to learn it was some sort of operating error on my part, but the developers found they could duplicate the error at will, and could not make it go away, so I am now the originator of NeoOffice Bugzilla Bug #2813 “Kerning Issues when Exporting to pdf.”

Never found a for real bug before!

Expect it will be something that becomes included in the next NeoOffice 2.2.2 patch (currently patch level is Patch-4).



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Putting Something Back – Playing a Concert for the Infirm & Unwell

The Skunk Hollow & Carp Town Saxophone Conspiracy playing Dec 2007 for the Manitowoc Health Care Center
click for a larger picture

Every now and then we each get a chance to put something back in our community. Often I’ve found helping “Elmer” new amateurs and doing training for people fills the spot.

For several years I’ve also run a saxophone ensemble – “The Skunk Hollow & Carp Town Saxophone Conspiracy

Set up as a paying gig, we’ve done perhaps more education & charity performances over the years.

This year we were able to arrange to play Christmas Music for the patients & staff of the Manitowoc Health Care Center. The inside-downtown setup makes photographing the ensemble and the audience very hard, and we were told that HIPA (Health Information Protection Act) rules might be a problem if we did photographs with everyone.

The patients at the MHCC are those who Alzheimer’s, Mental Illness, Chronic Substance Abuse and Other Diseases have interfered with their lives to the point they need a sheltered medical facility to survive.

Many of the patients sang along, some made their own joyous noises and others just shared their presence with us as we played.

Hopefully our performance will have helped at least a small touch of Christmas’s joy to have touched these kind folk, somehow.

We tried to hold up our end.



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