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Another Portable HF Option – Elecraft KX3 for Portable Activations

Elecraft KX3


Looking into 2022 I hope to participate in a few activations.

With Tom K0TTC scheming to do a newer park on Detroit Island (which is a Wisconsin island in Lake Michigan – you have to love the reuse of names across the Midwest). Hoping we can catch a few other nearby Islands as well.

Having missed having a nice simple portable HF setup on my recent trip around Lake Superior, I’d like to be ready for some HF on an envisioned Lake Michigan circle trip in 2022.

I’ve had three radio options I could use. The Flex-6600M could be pulled from service at my work QTH station, I’ve used a TenTec Jupiter (and Pegasus) for this in the past, and I have a SGC SC-2020 that could be used.

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The 2008 K9ZW Station

K9ZW 2008 Station

Found a 2008 picture of my radio station.

Things certainly have changed!

The old station was built around a TenTec Jupiter transceiver and an Alpha 78 amplifier.

The Dell computer is on the floor, and the square monitor is kind of a classic. Likely running Windows XP and N2PY’s control software.

All very different than the FlexRadio based radio station I run now, but this simple TenTec station did the business back in the day.



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Where oh where has the Jupiter gone? – TenTec deep sixes the Jupiter 538

Without much, if any, announcement TenTec has quietly dropped the TenTec 538 Jupiter.

Rumored for some months was TenTec likely dropping the model when supplies on had were depeleted of main boards and certain short supply components.

It seems that like the Pegasus it was developed from, the Jupiter’s time has passed.

Support for the medium term seems very likely, as new units with warranties have been sold until recently.

Surprising is the ultra low key brand management surrounding the TenTec lineup change. The rumble & concern that TenTec is on thin ice greatly could be nipped in the bud if TenTec communicated with the market more.

As for the Jupiter, they are an awesome rig at their last new market price, and at the typical used price there are few radios as fun to use as a Jupiter. Being much a Pegasus with knobs, the ability to run a Jupiter in Pegasus-mode using N4PY’s software is a huge plus.

On the speculative end of things one has to wonder when (and even if) the Orion II will be updated/replaced?



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