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Skyneedle and Hexbeam – Slow Progress and Other Tasks

Have been working on the Hexbeam replacing the Generation-One wire guides with anew design supplied by RadioWavz. RadioWavz worked hard to get the needed parts to me to meet a scheduled crane date that was rained out. So I am rescheduled alter this month.

Old Generation-One wire guide

Here is a photo of the center post. Winston KC9FVR has been helping me put the antenna together.

Hexbeam Center Post

Now let’s start with one of the weeks distractions – trees falling down. Across the road is one of ours, which with some great help from Vern K9EME was moved off the roadway to wait cooler weather. Not only has it been raining but it has been in the high 80’s/mid-90’s this week. (31 to 36c)

Top of our tree that fell across the roadway. Most of the tree was off the road.

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All but for a switch – tower control at the K9ZW Skyneedle

Yesterday with some great help from my electrician the Skyneedle crank-up control was sorted out.  The following picture is what you do NOT want to see, as the switch had not been properly triggered and ended up past the metal “trigger piece” on the Skyneedle.  I had developed this problem first time I ran the tower upwards, and it was definitely a two-person job to troubleshoot.


The roller micro-switch after it went past the “trigger”

The circuitry on this tower is a very neat upgrade built long ago. I tried tracking down the ham who oral legend said built it, but he is either an SK or in a home. The pencil drawing circuit schematic is pretty weak, and lacks labeling or any description of operation.

Turns out a at the tower control parallels the remote, and that both the on-tower and remote have neutral-positions that are not labeled nor shown on the schematic.

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Stored TM-370HD Skyneedle Recovered

Much to my pleasure, I received a phone call this morning asking if I could pick up the first Skyneedle I had bought back in 2015.  https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2015/08/27/k9zw-northern-station-the-tower-and-the-antennas/

This Skyneedle had been in storage at a friend’s equipment yard, but had gone “missing” when the yard was sold and his closing date suddenly moved up making the moving process a mess.
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Radio Crow’s Nest – Work Platform on Skyneedle

As most of the cable and rotor work would be right at the top of the unextended Skyneedle, a Crow’s Nest work platform has been added.

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K9ZW Shacks Evolve – Proper Dummy Loads, Additional Metering, New Power Distribution, Specialized Headsets and more…

I knew that doing a new station build wasn’t for the faint of heart, and as usual I am loath to miss a chance for upgrading the home QTH station.

Here are a few of the recents adds:

Item                                                                       Home/Island

Alpha-9500 Amps                                                     X X
Rigrunner-4007U Metered Strips                         X X
4o3a Station Genius                                                 X
SP7IDX Hexbeam                                                         X
LMR-400DB Below Grade Feed                                X
LMR-400 Jumpers                                                       X
LMR-400UF Up Tower Feed                                     X
Polyphasers incl two custom multi-units                X
Collins DL-1 Dummy Load                                     X
Station Monitor                                                        X
Bengali Intrepid                                                       X
Alpha-4510                                                                X
Palstar AT-Auto w/Kessler Upgrades                     X
4o3a Antenna Genius Switches                            X X
Nueman BCM705 Microphone                                X
Shure SM5B Microphone                                     X
Behringer MX402A                                               X
Behringer MX602A                                                   X
Recording Grade Audio Shapers                        X X
Collins SM-2 Microphone                                        X
W7FG True Ladder Line Dipole                             X
Alpha-2000 Dummy Load                                  X
RadioSport RS22CR Classic                                   X
KD9SV BOG Beverage Amp & Switch                  X
WD1A Cable – BOG wire                                          X
K1FZ RBOG Reversible Beverage on Ground     X
Zero-Five Custom HD Flagpole Antennas       X X
CAT6eDB below grade control                               X
Radial Wire                                                             X X
Waters 334 Dummy Load                                        X
Helix 1/2 Prepared                                                    X
RG6DB for RBOG Feed                                            X
Tashjian TM-370 SkyNeedle                                   X
New Tower Base, Platform and Coax Arms         X
AlfaSpid Rotor                                                           X

On Order
Flex Maestro                                                            X X

There have also been massive deliveries of the needed connectors and other parts – whew!  I am sure glad I’ve not seen the costs all tallied in one spot – ouch!

All in all the order and assemble is fun other than the bills.  Now in spring the read work begins!




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