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Hard getting more than 7 bands in an FT8 Session

Propagation has been different the last few days, and each day I have been able to work more bands than usual.

Typically I am getting QSOs on 160, 80, 40, 30, and 20 meters. The last three I’ve made FT8 QSOs on 17 meters, and today made a handful of SA QSOs on 15 meters which gives me a high band per session count of seven.

Using WSJT-X/SmartSDR for Windows via SmartLink (mostly) to my home Flex-6700 #1 using ZeroFive flagpole vertical antenna. For some QSOs on the shorter bands today I used WSJT-X/SmartSDR for Windows via LAN to my Flex-6600 to a Cushcraft vertical but found no difference in what bands I could see activity on.



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Six Bands of FT8 by Remote Background One Morning

K9ZW 15SEP20 six bands FT8 Log

Some morning the propagation is really different. On Sept 15th 2020 working FT8 on the second monitor from my work desk, I was able to catch QSOs on 160m, 80m 40m 30m, 20, and 17m. Usually I can find good contacts on a few bands, but not so often on six bands in a session.

It was nice to add to my 160m FT8 QSOs, as I have not spent much time on FT8 160m yet.

I found nothing to work on 15m, 12m and 10m – again that propagation issue!

Gear was my ZeroFive Flagpole Vertical Antenna, a Flex-6700 barefoot, and my trusty Dell Core i7 computer running SmartSDR for Windows and WSJT-X. Connectivity was via SmartLink as my radio is at home.

A sprinkling of DX in the run, Fiji being the most interesting.



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