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K9ZW Shacks Evolve – Proper Dummy Loads, Additional Metering, New Power Distribution, Specialized Headsets and more…

I knew that doing a new station build wasn’t for the faint of heart, and as usual I am loath to miss a chance for upgrading the home QTH station.

Here are a few of the recents adds:

Item                                                                       Home/Island

Alpha-9500 Amps                                                     X X
Rigrunner-4007U Metered Strips                         X X
4o3a Station Genius                                                 X
SP7IDX Hexbeam                                                         X
LMR-400DB Below Grade Feed                                X
LMR-400 Jumpers                                                       X
LMR-400UF Up Tower Feed                                     X
Polyphasers incl two custom multi-units                X
Collins DL-1 Dummy Load                                     X
Station Monitor                                                        X
Bengali Intrepid                                                       X
Alpha-4510                                                                X
Palstar AT-Auto w/Kessler Upgrades                     X
4o3a Antenna Genius Switches                            X X
Nueman BCM705 Microphone                                X
Shure SM5B Microphone                                     X
Behringer MX402A                                               X
Behringer MX602A                                                   X
Recording Grade Audio Shapers                        X X
Collins SM-2 Microphone                                        X
W7FG True Ladder Line Dipole                             X
Alpha-2000 Dummy Load                                  X
RadioSport RS22CR Classic                                   X
KD9SV BOG Beverage Amp & Switch                  X
WD1A Cable – BOG wire                                          X
K1FZ RBOG Reversible Beverage on Ground     X
Zero-Five Custom HD Flagpole Antennas       X X
CAT6eDB below grade control                               X
Radial Wire                                                             X X
Waters 334 Dummy Load                                        X
Helix 1/2 Prepared                                                    X
RG6DB for RBOG Feed                                            X
Tashjian TM-370 SkyNeedle                                   X
New Tower Base, Platform and Coax Arms         X
AlfaSpid Rotor                                                           X

On Order
Flex Maestro                                                            X X

There have also been massive deliveries of the needed connectors and other parts – whew!  I am sure glad I’ve not seen the costs all tallied in one spot – ouch!

All in all the order and assemble is fun other than the bills.  Now in spring the read work begins!




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Rigblaster and Rigrunner Sale – West Mountain Radio Sale

West Mountain Radio has announced a 15% off sale.  I have several of their products and have found them excellent!

Happy Holidays,

If you have been thinking about a West Mountain Radio product for your gift
list this should help you make up your mind! We are giving our loyal
customers a 15% off rebate on any West Mountain Radio product over $50
purchased from us or one of our authorized dealers in the US. This offer is
good from December 8th, 2008 through December 31st, 2008.

Visit http://www.westmountainradio.com for product information and to print
out the rebate coupon. Use Rebate Code: N1ZZ

Give your family or friends a list of what West Mountain Radio products you
want by printing our product list and circling the items you want.

To place your order use the (24/7) online order entry facility on our web
site or call us toll FREE at 888-WEST-MTN during normal business hours,
Monday through Friday 10:00am until 6:00pm EST.

73 and Many Happy Landings.

The folks at West Mountain Radio

West Mountain Radio
34 Smith Street
Norwalk, CT 06851

Phone: 203 853 8080



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