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Some Assembly Required – Tennadyne T-12HD antenna arrives

Some Assembly Required – Tennadyne T-12HD antenna arrives

Five UPS parcels arrived, two long cardboard tubes, two long boxes and a square box, containing my new Tennadyne T-12 10-30HD Log Periodic antenna.  A sixth parcel with the truss kit is expected to arrive Friday.

This antenna is big enough that it will be a two person assembly job.

I had run a T-8 at my old home QTH, one that I purchased used and after a bit of lightening encounter replaced with a new T-8 a couple years back. That T-8 is going up at my island QTH, hopefully this summer, and is already on the island.

As previously posted, I changed antenna directions dismantling & putting the never installed very large RadioWavz Hexbeam into storage pending technical redesign/upgrades. That RadioWavz has gone radio silent not returning phone calls or emails also factored into my decision.

Having had excellent experience with the decade plus T-8 as my main antenna, another Tennadyne was high on my list to take the main position on the home Skyneedle tower. I’ve cut & pasted the basic claimed specifications:

  • Model    T12.10-30HD
  • Coverage in MHz    10 – 30
  • Boom Length    36 FT
  • Gain/dbd/dbi*    8.0/10.1
  • Longest Element    53 FT
  • Elements    12
  • WT.     115#
  • Turning Radius (ft)    27.6
  • Wind Load (sq.ft)    16.21

Some differences between the T-12HD and the T-8 which interested me:

* The T-12HD should tune 30m, which the smaller T-8 did not do very well at all.
* My Station should have a gain improvement of close to 3dB which is always appreciated for RX and can’t hurt on TX (or would allow running lower power) vs the old T-8 based station, plus any effect for being up another 20ft (6m)
* The T-12HD is a trussed-boom construction vs the untrussed T-8 (not certain if that is ultimately good or bad)

Here is a picture taken from the Tennadyne website of a T-12 (presume standard vs my new HD model) at another ham’s station:

Tennadyne T-12 (Tennadyne’s website photo)

There are some integration advantages for a LPDA (Log Periodic Dipole Array) antenna when running a Flex-6000 based station, as the LPDA tends to present an acceptable SWR to the radio or if running QRO the PGXL amp, when used within the LPDA’s design frequencies. Typically the ham band optimization matches other ham designs while respectively the non-ham band lower performance you would see from other non-actively tuned beam antenna designs is avoided or minimized.

I found both barefoot and running QRO with the T-8 was basically a no-tuner required situation, one that I hope the T-12HD matches.

Link to Tennadyne antennas: http://www.tennadyne.com



[Edited on 15JAN21 to correct formatting and photo insertion problems with original posting, and capture that mine is arriving in six parcels rather than five parcels]

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K9ZW Antenna Transition – Big Hex Beam Dismantled and Stored

The Big Radiowavz HexBeam never made it to the top of the tower. As you can read in https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/07/20/skyneedle-and-hexbeam-slow-progress-and-other-tasks/, https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/10/03/deer-damaged-hexbeam-repairs/and https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/12/03/a-change-in-antenna-direction-at-k9zw-home-qth/ the physical build wasn’t up to my environment.

Over the Christmas weekend I dismantled it and started the preparation for storage.  Photos were taken to document the areas I hope to improve in the eventual rebuild.  In the disassembly a few additional areas of concern appeared, which I will be digging into as part of the redesign.

It was about 20F (-7c if you are Celsius-minded) but otherwise a nice day to work outside.

I have a couple other hexbeams and have started to dig into the hexbeam literature on the web, so I hope to get the redesign done over winter.

Though RadioWavz has gone radio-silent on me, in my research I found they had addressed some of the issues – see https://youtu.be/ybbp_iC7HtU for a build of a smaller RadioWavz hexbeam.

Whether I can effectively retrofit the later upgrades is something I can explore.

Provided the rework is cost effective, there is a chance the antenna will go back up in 2021.

If the costs look to be excessive the “fish or cut bait” maxim will force a decision to abandon this particular Hexbeam project.



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A change in Antenna Direction at K9ZW Home QTH

On my main Skyneedle was supposed to go a RadioWavz Barrett Hexbeam with Broadband option.  The antenna was bought about four years ago and health and then a home QTH move kept it from going up in the air.

RadioWavz built this antenna with the high power and heavy duty options, and it is purported to work as a rotatable dipole on 160/80/60/30m, a 2el wire beam on 40/6m and as a 3el(+) wire beam on 20/17/15/12/10m.  Original configuration was using three antenna drop feedlines, but two can be combined with a harness they offered.

RadioWavz helped me out sending new element guides made of metal which replaced the DOA original fiberglass guides, replacing most of the parts missing from the original antenna (though the spare parts ordered have never arrived) and sold me a upgraded support rope set made of a Kevlar type material.

In the antenna building process twice I have had damage from deer getting into the antenna.

First incursion pulled a number of elements loose and broke one of the smaller fiberglass arm pieces.  My calls and emails to RadioWavz had not been answered, when I figured out who supplied the fiberglass.  Ordered new fiberglass parts direct and made the repair.

Second deer incursion again pulled some elements loose but this time half of the 40m element with insulators and spacer cord went missing.  Presumption is it was caught on the deer’s rack and carried away until it could be shaken loose.  The wire element I can cut locally but as my spare parts supply of extra insulators and cordage was never shipped, I’ve had to have the special insulators locally fabricated and I’m scrounging for similar cord.  Again my emails and calls have not been answered by RadioWavz.

What I have learned is that the business was sold to the next generation, and the founders retired to another state, plus the next generation is up to their eyeballs dealing with a child’s severe health issues.

I get it.  Family is WAY more important, period.
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Deer Damaged Hexbeam Repairs

While on the ground Whitetail deer got into my hexbeam.

It must’ve been quite a sight to see a deer wrestling with the hexbeam.

Mostly wires just got pulled around, but one support arm element was broken in the wildlife ruckus.

Easy to pick out the broken support – the collar is already relocated on the unpainted new part.

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Skyneedle and Hexbeam – Slow Progress and Other Tasks

Have been working on the Hexbeam replacing the Generation-One wire guides with anew design supplied by RadioWavz. RadioWavz worked hard to get the needed parts to me to meet a scheduled crane date that was rained out. So I am rescheduled alter this month.

Old Generation-One wire guide

Here is a photo of the center post. Winston KC9FVR has been helping me put the antenna together.

Hexbeam Center Post

Now let’s start with one of the weeks distractions – trees falling down. Across the road is one of ours, which with some great help from Vern K9EME was moved off the roadway to wait cooler weather. Not only has it been raining but it has been in the high 80’s/mid-90’s this week. (31 to 36c)

Top of our tree that fell across the roadway. Most of the tree was off the road.

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