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QRPme – QRP Kit of the Month

W1REX and the team at QRPme (which is really W1REX and family) have launched an interesting idea of a parallel group build on a subscription basis with his QRPme Kit of the Month Club program.

Sounds like an excellent idea for any budding builder!

The information from the website:

QRPme Kit of the Month Club – 1 Year Subscription

Price: $180.00

US orders:

DX orders:

QRPme is undertaking a new & interesting project: Produce 12 unique kits with a new kit shipping each month. These kits will be interesting and useful to all builders. There will be no extra shipping & handling charges or DX disparity. One price gets a kit delivered to your door. I did break it down into 3 options; however, to allow for a modest investment for either budget or evaluation purposes.


1 year subscription = $180 ($15/kit)

6 month subscription = $108 ($18/kit)

3 month subscription = $60 ($20/kit)

As you can see, the price of each kit is modest. (especially when you consider that all mailing costs are included) You won\’t be receiving a top of the line kit each month for that price but each kit will be useful and will have an educational content that will be worth your time and expense.

The current lineup for the 1st 6 KotMC kits are:

MARCH: Pocket Electronics Lab: a shirtpocket friendly solderless breadboard system

APRIL: 4 Port Directional Coupler which is the ‘engine’ of a power/VSWR meter

MAY: Audio Amplifier

JUNE: ‘Fireball’ Style Transmitter

JULY: IC Prototype Board Project

AUGUST: ‘Universal’ Low Pass Filter module

And I will make a further promise: If at any time, you decide that you want to cancel your subscription, I will refund the price of any remaining undelivered kits in your subscription.

Subscriptions will be accepted now with the first kits being shipped in the middle of March. The first kit: the Pocket Electronics Lab, is in the hands of a few evaluators and will be available in about 2 weeks.

Read more at URL Link:   QRPme – Can it!

I know that I won’t have time to keep up, having about six kits on the bench to build to just catch up. Perhaps I will be caught up enough to catch QRPme’s second season of QRPme Kit of the Month.



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QRPme Kits featured in QRP Ham Radio Station Setup and Operation Video by Jeff VE3ICH

QRP Ham Radio Station Setup and Operation

Videos that take you through the steps, and don’t assume that you have experience or access to knowledgeable Elmer are always a huge help – Jeff VE3ICH has done the QRP community a great service by doing a QRP Station “Setup and Operation” video, and putting it on Youtube:

    Messages from the QRPme Kits and Stuff Yahoo Group Email Reflector:

Jeff VE3ICH announcing his Youtube Video:

Video of QRPme.com QRP Station Setup
Posted by: “Jeff Tranter” VE3ICH
Sun Apr 24, 2011 7:51 am (PDT)

I made a little YouTube video showing how to set up and operate a complete QRP ham radio station using the Two Tinned Tunas ][ transmitter, Sudden Storm ][ receiver, and Tuna Helper T/R switch.

You can view it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zyxl7cciq3Q

Rex W1REX the man behind QRPme responding:

Jeff’s U-Tube video
Posted by: “Rex Harper” W1REX
Sun Apr 24, 2011 5:03 pm (PDT)


Jeff, THANK YOU for posting that tuna can setup video!

Jeff’s video on setting up a tuna can station is EXCELLENT! If you haven’t checked it out yet, you should. Jeff did a nice job running through setting up and tuning a station made up of separate components, just like the good old days.

He just happened to have used a complete set of station components that fit inside tuna cans…. I even learned some good tips about my own kits! He has a pretty good collection of QRPme tuna can kits but not all:

  • The Tuna Power System (TPS) kit is both a power distribution system for powering 5 tuna can kits AND an intelligent gel cell battery charger. It uses a UC3906 intelligent charger chip to keep your gel cell in tip top shape. It performs the same function as the Penguin mint tin shown in the video …but more. Of course, if you like the Altoids size… the Picnic Table Outlets (PTO) kit could possibly fit the bill. It only has one RCA outlet but you could make a special cable to daisy chain the tuna can power feeds. Just don’t include the Tuna Topper in that chain. The Topper requires a cable that is HEAVY and as short as possible to avoid any voltage drop in the cable.
  • The new Tuna Tunah is a switched inductor antenna tuner with LED matching indicator.
  • Also, If you happen to have the Tuna Topper 5 watt RF amp, it includes an automatic RF sensing T/R switch which will perform the same function as the Tuna Helper shown in the video.


    Hope you have enjoyed and get as much from this video as I have!



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    On the K9ZW Build Bench – Winter Projects while Ice has me Off-Air

    Here I’m stuck with serious Ice still on all my antennas after a full week from the “big storm.” Mother Nature sure was quick in the issue of the Ice and now is so slow in providing any relief melt. Sun is too weak and the temperatures too low to loosen more than 1/3 of the ice load.

    Standing underneath to work mechanisms hoping the ice clears without damage wouldn’t be very safe. Two-Three pound chunks of ice falling 40-to-70 feet could do some damage. Also fear causing more damage by horsing the ice off. Safety first and then the knowledge that active efforts could make a small project in patience into a huge project in repairs, make waiting the ice out the best idea.

    So I’ve been inventorying by electronic “to-build” kits and thinking about which to tackle next. For the most part I had reserved the present kits for deep winter builds – during that long stretch between New Years & Easter. Guess I will just move at least one kit forward.

    On the shelf are a full range of kits:

    Pretty well decided to tackle the Bubble Dial Clock kit next:

    Evil Mad Scientist "Bubble Dial Clock Kit"

    Evil Mad Scientist "Bubble Dial Clock Kit"

    Followed by the Retro-75 AM QRP Transceiver:

    Small Wonder Labs "Retro-75 AM QRP Transceiver"

    Small Wonder Labs "Retro-75 AM QRP Transceiver"

    The HF Packer-Amp would seem a natural third build if winter holds on that long:

    HF Packer-Amp Kit

    HF Packer-Amp Kit

    And the Tuna-Tin Kits (with the various Nixie Tube Clocks) will wait for another season:

    QRPMe Tuna Tin Kits "in the Can"

    QRPMe Tuna Tin Kits "in the Can"

    Of course things might change…..



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    A Neat Idea – Altoid Tin Sized Prototyping Circuit Board

    Block_Toids Circuit Board

    Block_Toids Circuit Board

    Rex Harper W1REX at QRPme.com has added a LOT of new products over the last year, and one that has really caught my eye is a neat Prototyping Board sized to fit an Altoid Mint Tin and using a solder-to-pad layout he calls “Limerick-Style.”

    “The BLOCK_TOIDS prototyping board is the newest board design in the Limerick construction line. It is a silk screened and solder masked Altoids mint tin compatible board with a pre-etched array of tinned, Limerick square pads. Use a combination of thru hole or SMD parts to build a custom project and then simply drop the board into an Altoids or Zomboids tin for maximum portability. Comes with a small assortment of MePad modules for mounting SOIC or DIP parts AND a brand spanking new brushed steel mint tin!”

    Simply can’t imagine how many mints he is having to eat to provide a tin with each board!

    “….Limerick construction style where the pads & traces are etched on a set of single sided boards with silk screen & solder mask. ….. Limerick construction boards are great for making changes and experimenting as you can change parts without trying to suck solder from holes….”

    He is also offering larger Limerick-Style prototyping boards and some 20 other products. I’ve built some of the Tuna-Can kits and they were a lot of fun!

    I’ve a project on the bench presently (blog post and pictures soon) after which I want to squeeze in a Limerick-Style project or kit for the experience. Check out Rex W1REX’s neat products at QRPme.com



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    Sample “Sudden Storm” Receiver Kit Built

    A Completed 9v Sudden Storm Receiver

    (The photo is from Rex W1REX’s websight as I built the 12v version).

    Built Rex Harper W1REX’s “Sudden Storm” receiver kit in about an hour the other evening, as a sample-build for a possible club building project. 

    From the http://www.qrpme.com website:

     The Sudden Storm kit is QRPme’s implementation of G3RJV Rev. George Dobbs’ Sudden Receiver as written up in October 2006 Practical Wireless magazine.

    It makes the perfect companion receiver to the Two Tinned Tunas or Tuna Tin 2 kit.

    An easy and straight forward kit to build with NO surface mount parts.

    All the parts come sealed inside a factory fresh tuna can with an easy open pull top lid and custom label.

    This kit is an excellent kit for ‘beginners’ or ‘experts’ alike and also makes a perfect gift. Can be assembled in one evening by a ‘beginner’.

    A great conversation piece for every QRPer’s bench!”

    The build was very straight forward, with a single undersized hole to deal with.  Product improvement does have a couple bottom size grounding jumpers added, which I nearly missed. 

    Power options towards the end of the build are for either use of a 9v Battery or for drawing power from a 12v supply.

    I’m not certain this is the kit for our club project, most due to the the need to appeal to pre-HF members, but it was a fun build and went together very well. 

    Good fun & recommended!  Tell Rex W1REX I sent you!



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