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Non-Radio – Fleet Changes ’64 Studebaker Champ Pickup Arrives and Two French Cars Leave

The 1964 Studebaker Champ Pickup

As already mention, I picked up a very nice 1964 Studebaker 8E7 Champ Pickup Truck Wide-Bed for use at the hamshack/workshop.

Having said that someday I’d like a Studebaker Pickup, and that actual someday arrived.

I waived good bye to the Panhard 24bt 2-door, which while very rare in the USA and a very nice example, I did not fit very well  inside it or driving it. The XYL thought the Panhard 24bt was a very cute car, and she was not for selling it, but then she didn’t want to drive it either.

Also waived good bye to the Citroen DSuper5. Here I found the project of renovating an exceptionally solid and original car more exciting than driving the car, and the XYL gave the car a weak “meh” always suggesting we take out something else.

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For Sale – Thinning the fleet here

Thinning the fleet here – contact me for details of anything that catches your interest:

Cars and Bikes are in Wisconsin.

Backstory is these French cars were not shown at any shows in 2020 or 2021, and other than deliberately taking out on short drives we didn’t drive them either year. So while they are awesome cars, they didn’t make the cut..

Two of my motorcycles are also going to be sold:



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Non-Radio – It is a long story, 37 years ago… cars and first dates

Quick background is needed.  I met the XYL at the Manchester Business School (England) while we both were on graduate programs.  As I was on a British “Student” visa I wasn’t going to buy an expensive car, lest I would end up selling it for a loss at the end of my program.  So I drove a 1961 Panhard PL-17 sedan all over England.  That car is red, and eventually ended up restored to museum level residing in Australia.  

Eight years ago I learned of a very low mileage solid PL-17 in Ohio, subsequentially bought it, had mechanical work done by a specialist in Michigan, and the car’s paintwork redone locally.  More about all those step below.  Goal of the 2013 acquisition was to have the car ready for our 30th anniversary in 2016.  Missed that date and Alison finally met our nostalgic car as we started a long weekend celebrating our 35th anniversary.  

She never knew the car existed or that we owned it, the secrecy which was a challenge for eight years.  

Setup was that she had gone shopping and I texted her to come to my office so we could take a car ride before going out to dinner.  As we have some other old cars, she didn’t expect the Panhard PL-17.

Here is the car waiting for her to arrive.  

Our “new” 1961 Panhard PL-17 Sedan

I was uncertain if I would get a “meh” or enthusiasm.  We have had a lot of cars over the years, and I wasn’t very confident my first PL-17 would have made a positive impression back then.  So would this one catch her fancy decades later?

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Non-Radio – 1965 Panhard 24bx (24bt but different)

One of our old cars is a model you most likely will not see on the road in North America. Some photos as teasers:

Anything look familiar?  (If it does you most likely spent a lot of time in Europe)


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Non-Radio – Panhard PL-17

Another Non-Radio post, this time about a 1961 Panhard PL-17.

I’ve had Panhards on and off for the last 35 years, and I think this is number 5 or number 6.  I drove all over England in a very similar 1961 during Grad School.

This one had its mechanicals sorted out, including important things like overhauling the brakes & suspensions, rebuilding carburetor and motor mounts and so on by Ralley Motors in Midland Michigan.  I’m not a good at bodywork so a local shop is doing the strip-down and repaint:

Interior reflects the 40,000 KM history

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Wings & Wheels Over the Years – Old Webpages of Some of my Cars & Planes

I was recently surprised to receive an email asking about one of the airplanes I’ve owned over the years. Seems the fellow had turned up a picture of the Temco-Riley D-16(A) Twin-Navion I had owned, and had gone one to “Google me Down.”

I had forgotten that hosted on one of my friend’s website a number of pictures lived on:


N110N Temco-Riley D-16(A) Twin-Navion

The pages are hosted on Blair Anderson’s “The Citroen Connection” in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada.

There have been quite a few others – a Citroen XM sedan, several Norton Commando Motorcycles, a Laverda Jota motorcycle, Morris Minors, Austin Mini Clubman, Austin Vanden Plas Princess, a Mini Metro Vanden Plas, a Citroen HY-Van, several more Panhard PL-17/17bt cars, Land Rovers, several VWs & Volvos, some 1950’s hot rod iron, and I am certain a few I just haven’t remembered as I type.

The years have seen all of these vehicles go to other collectors, drivers, & pilots. At least on ended up in a museum. Have kept a Peugeot 504D and my trusty BMW K100LT motorcycle around.

The pictures brought back memories – that CX2400 Pallas was a fantastic Autobahn car wit a lovely sweet spot at 115 mph cruising. The Panhard PL-17 was a perfect car for a grad student on a budget as it always started and was so very frugal.



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