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Non-Radio – Turbocharged VRod Harley-Davidson

Before the cosmetic & comfort stage.

This bike started as a brand new Harley-Davidson V-Rod “Night Rod” model.

Modifications started once the break-in miles were run off, and center on a Trask Turbo Kit.

There was a lot to do to install the kit and tune it to a good balance between torque/horsepower and road-ability.  Few creature comforts had to be dealt with and of course a few cosmetics.

RJ at Harbor Town Harley-Davidson did all the hard work and he really knows his stuff – link:  https://www.harbortownhd.com/

Horsepower dyno at the rear wheel is set about 160% of stocks 115-120 engine horsepower, and torque is up to a similar 165% of stock.

Pushing much further would have required some serious modifications to the rest of the drive train, including changing out the belt for chain-drive.

Everything we could easily remove was black power coated, a different seat was installed, and the factory bags added.  Right side foot pegs have been adjusted/lengthened to provide a bit more clearance from the hot drop pipes and the inter-cooler’s bulk.  A tank cover (bra) was added and usable mirrors.

Various screens, controls and other parts as powder coated.

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