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Five New Hams and an Upgrade to Boot – Hamcram Results!

February 6th Mancorad W9DK held its first Hamcram at Lakeshore Technical College, and the effort minted five news hams and an upgrade to boot!

Congratulations to Seth, Levi, Russ, Paul & Rich (call signs once the paperwork is processed and the FCC issues their first calls) and to Scott KC4JXS/AG !!!

With support from a speaker from Manitowoc ARES/RACES (thank you Bob KC9HBA) and very strong support from the Sheboygan Amateur Radio Club’s VE group (thank you KD9TZ, AA9SJ, KC9DLO, AB9HH and KA9WYK !) the event proved a worthy effort.

From Mancorad instructors included myself, Scott KC4JXS and Tim N7TAL. Assisting with testing was Mark WB9WRT. Helping with the many items needed to support the effort were Rich KC9LOA, Carl KA9WYK and Jody KC9KVT.

We learned a few things this Hamcram, which I will write about in a week or so. In the future we intend to support candidates under age 16 with a different program and support overcommitted professional types with an added series of mock-exams. More about our Hamcram-Youth and Hamcram-Plus revisions later.

Congratulations to the successful candidates and many thanks to everyone involved!



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