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WI9DX Washington Island DX Club Meeting – July 2nd 2008

KK Fiske Restaurant on Washington Island, Wisconsin

The famous KK Fiske Restaurant on Washington Island (WI-001L) Wisconsin was the venue for a WI9DX Washington Island DX Club meeting.  

Founding Members George W9EVT, Mac W9EVI and Myself (Steve K9ZW) welcomed member Dean K3GGN and new members John KA9USC & Mike K9ABT

WI9DX DX Club was founded several years ago to promote Amateur Radio on Washington Island, specially the pursuit of DXing.  (DXing is the hobby of tuning in and identifying distant radio stations, or making two way radio contact with distant stations in amateur radio.)

These events are always great fun, as everyone has so much to share, finally gets to meet people with shared interests and always results in much camaraderie!

Of special interest this July meeting is interference noted by several of the members on 6m, 10m, & 12m bands.  Several audio recordings were played and discussed.  There is a strong correlation that the interference (which can range to over S9 across more than a hundred kilocycles in several areas at times) with a pilot data over power grid (BPL) program underway currently on the Island.  When running this interference is strong enough to deny the affected band segments from Hobby & Emergency Communications use.  

In true “Island cooperative style“, the group was unanimous to offer our assistance to try an firmly identify the exact source, and to help correct the in-Amateur Band interference.  Further consultation with Ed Hare W1RFI at the ARRL is planned to help define a protocol for offering Amateur Assistance.  As the ARRL has a working & acceptable BPL install to the League’s main radio station the group hoped that depth of experience would help sort out the local interference on Washington Island.

Antennas, rigs, mobile (including Marine Mobile) operations and station banter filled the rest of the morning’s meeting.  George W9EVT extended an invitation for all the members to come visit his shack, QTH at Greengate Farm.



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