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The MixW Add-Ons – MixWBuddy & MixWButton

Peter Viscarola, K1PGV has created a collection of really useful add-ons for the popular MixW Digital Software Package.


MixW Buddy Screen Shot

MixWBuddy is a really neat set of Mode-Macros with an optional five user configurable Macro Buttons.


MixW Buttons Screen Shot

MixWButtons is a fully user configurable table of User Macros, offering up to 100 additional Macros for MixW.  Please notice these User Macros can control modes, just like MixW Buddy, but do require you to program in the script.


MixW Callbook DLL is an interface to either a paid QRZ.com Callbook subscription or with the public pages.

Peter has created these under Microsoft’s .NET environment, so you will need to have that facility available & running on your machine.

In each case MixW is started first, then the K1PGV add-on.

I’ve covered my use of MixW in past posts, including:

Software that Works for K9ZW – MixW Digital & Logging Package 


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