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jaLog – Simple JAVA Based Logger

Ron Kinney KC0ZPS has scripted a straight forward simple QSO Logging Program logging in Amateur Data Interchange Format (adif), scripted under full cross platform JAVA.

This Logging tool looks very useful for the quick conversion of hand-logs, say from a US Island Activation or a Special Event, into adif format log files that can be imported or merged into one’s main logging program later.

So many logging programs are difficult about the free form editing needed to convert paper logs to adif logs.

This looks to be a way around the issue, and in a tool that can be used on both Windows, Linux & Apple OS-X machines – actually on any machine that has a running version of JAVA.

Websites are:

sourceforge files: http://sourceforge.net/projects/jlog/
main website: http://jlog.sourceforge.net/

Note: for those of you with sharp eyes, you will notice Ron KC0ZPS’s project was originally named jLog, but was changed to jaLog as there is an inactive logger called jLog

Worth checking out!



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