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K9ZW Antenna Transition – Big Hex Beam Dismantled and Stored

The Big Radiowavz HexBeam never made it to the top of the tower. As you can read in https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/07/20/skyneedle-and-hexbeam-slow-progress-and-other-tasks/, https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/10/03/deer-damaged-hexbeam-repairs/and https://k9zw.wordpress.com/2020/12/03/a-change-in-antenna-direction-at-k9zw-home-qth/ the physical build wasn’t up to my environment.

Over the Christmas weekend I dismantled it and started the preparation for storage.  Photos were taken to document the areas I hope to improve in the eventual rebuild.  In the disassembly a few additional areas of concern appeared, which I will be digging into as part of the redesign.

It was about 20F (-7c if you are Celsius-minded) but otherwise a nice day to work outside.

I have a couple other hexbeams and have started to dig into the hexbeam literature on the web, so I hope to get the redesign done over winter.

Though RadioWavz has gone radio-silent on me, in my research I found they had addressed some of the issues – see https://youtu.be/ybbp_iC7HtU for a build of a smaller RadioWavz hexbeam.

Whether I can effectively retrofit the later upgrades is something I can explore.

Provided the rework is cost effective, there is a chance the antenna will go back up in 2021.

If the costs look to be excessive the “fish or cut bait” maxim will force a decision to abandon this particular Hexbeam project.



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Adding a DX Engineering HEXXbeam Mk II

Had an opportunity to buy a DX Engineering HEXXbeam MkII from K0PJ, adding to my Hexbeam collection.

My thoughts were to carefully collapse the antenna and transport it collapsed to my Washington Island QTH.  Later I’ll run a bit of a shoot out between the SP7IDX and Radiowavz antennas.

I’ve included some of the wildlife at the QTH and a picture of the trenching (one is a future ham radio wire conduit):

One of the Gray Foxes

The HEXXbeam on a barrel.

Yard camera caught one of the five bucks that have been visiting.

A Sanhill Crane checks out one of the yard cameras


Trenching. Hitting bedrock eliminated my temporary antenna pole.

Notice the animals digging up the yard – raccoons are doing the most damage, the foxes dig for burrowing critters, and the Sandhills make tent-stake like holes everywhere.

The deer are opportunists grazing on wild apples and other deer treats.

In putting in the undergrounds the plumber hit bedrock only a few inches down.   One pipe is a sanitary drain for the sump pump and rainwater that really should have always have been there, and the second is a conduit for feedlines, control cables and the like for part of my ham station.

I think the near the house yard will drain much better as there was a bedrock ridge that restricted sub surface drainage that he excavated through.

The bedrock is why he couldn’t put in the 6×6 treated post at the end of the conduit run.  I had intended to mount a rotor and a short mast as an interim location for this HEXXbeam.

Looks like I will either end up with a concrete filled barrel as a base, or have a heavy steel tripod type base made up.

Even on the barrel, rotated by hand the HEXXbeam is doing really well.



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