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Out of the Ashes – the FlexRadio Community Reborn

Back in June 2020, FlexRadio Systems was told with only a couple weeks notice of deplatforming, that Sprinklr/GetSatisfaction was shutting down their community platform servers.

I don’t think FRS was even given a month to rescue its data from Sprinklr/GetSatisfaction and of course the Sprinklr/GetSatisfaction had no migration plans for their customers.

The very short timeframe and comparatively small market of customers didn’t create the environment where porting-services could emerge.  If you remember the Yahoo Groups phase out, services evolved to port our existing group to another platform.

FRS grabbed the bull by the horns, and in addition to securing all its data from the terminal Sprinklr/GetSatisfaction platform, started systematically evaluating potential new platforms.  While I had no involvement or input, the rumble is they really dug deep into possible options.

Eventually they selected the Vanilla Forums platform as the one for the reborn community. Vanilla’s link:  https://vanillaforums.com/en/

Then it seemed like FRS went a bit quiet, though most of us expected they were elbow deep in porting over the old data.

The new FlexRadio Systems Community is at: UNEMBARGOED LINK (https://community.flexradio.com/) (went live on FRS announcement)

In waves they are setting up former community members, and you eventually get an email inviting you in. I expect it is best to wait for the invite unless you really want a clean break from your former community user identity. You most likely will be asked to update your password, and if you want to change your avatar picture there is that sort of housekeeping left for the user to sort out.

Initial impressions is the new platform looks really good. I’m perhaps not so taken with the cartoon-stock appearances of the default avatars and badge thing, but under that light-hearted appearance there seems to be some really good stuff going on. The effort to move everything over is non-trivial, being an investment in time & resources.

That FRS has done the huge port-over is quite a compliment to their community participants.

The failure of Sprinklr/GetSatisfaction was brushed off and the community will be better than before!

Like the song says:


From the ashes of disaster, grow the roses of success!
Start the engines!
Batten the hatches!
Man the shrouds!
Lift the anchor!

Well done FRS!



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