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Can you be Shadow Banned at eHam?

— Edit June 20th 2018 —

After a period of being locked out of the eHam Forums but able to access the main page as “logged in” it looks like my eHam user has been unlocked.  No idea if this was just a bad week at eHam or all of my various devices, or real “shadow banning” in action.

Interestingly I now find myself with next to nothing to share at eHam…

— End Edit —


Can a person end up Shadow Banned at eHam?

Shadow Banning is the unseen hand of a web forum’s owner making anyone they don’t like “disappear quietly” from their system.  More  definition at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shadow_banning

Unlike overt Banning, where the participant is told to go away, and perhaps their account is locked, Shadow Banning is done covertly and if questioned is denied.

Has eHam taken up the practice of Shadow Banning?

Kind of seems so, as shortly after my critiques of eHam moderation my eHam account password for just the forums was changed, effectively blocking me from posting on the forums.

Password still works for the general website, but not the forums.  Actually it works for the main forum page, but locks me out when going to a specific forum.


On the positive side several of the worst of eHam’s pet trolls seem to have gone quiet as well.

If my account is collateral damage in a stealth effort to better the level of participation, so be it.  Small price to pay.

Again without real effective moderation and careful curating eHam is not much more than click-bait for eager hams looking for quality information.



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eHam Should be Ashamed Having Become the SDR Troll-Fest of Amateur Radio

Anyone have any idea why eHam allows open forum posting by renown Trolls?

The eHam SDR Forum   http://www.eham.net/ehamforum/smf/index.php/board,28.0.html has been taken over by a group of very negative Trolls

My repeated emails to eHam requesting action, reporting of their posts to eHam’s moderators, and the wider discussions about the problem in the radio amateur community have resulted in little action.

Actually less than little action, as apparently eHam has taken cue from the political world and chastises the ham who complains about their Trolls.

With a major new radio on the cusp  of shipping the eHam SDR Trolls are having a festival.  They do not own the radio they are blasting, openly state they have no intention of buying the radio, have never seen the radio, and yet are self proclaimed naysayers of the most vile Troll fashion.

Lambasting anyone who likes their radio with name calling, accusing the manufacturer of every vile trait they can make up, all based on some unhappy moment years ago with a different product.

The fact that they acted a the “customer from hell” every chance they got somehow never factors in.

The worse recent thread is Much Flex-6000 News where leader of the Troll Pack makes his usual attacks.

As eHam’s response to most Troll complaints is to trim the whole thread, rather than actually moderating, you might want to grab a screen shot if you want to read an think about the eHam trolls.

It is time for Amateur Radio to move beyond the eHam model, so perhaps eHam’s hands off approach will help hasten the development of a decent alternative.

I know a number of manufacturers have said they would not advertise on eHam due to the eHam Troll Problems.

What thinks you?



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