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Late Thanks for 160 meters – E51CG Cook Islands

Rarotonga General Layout Map

Rarotonga Cook Islands


A nice thank you for a favor done a few years ago.

Here is the original article:




Begin forwarded message:

From: Carl & Larraine Hoff <onanhoff>
Date: October 25, 2011 9:07:51 AM
To: k9zw
Subject: Late Thanks for 160 meters

Kia Orana Steven

Steve a few years ago you help me get on 160 meters, I made many contacts on 160 Meters SSB over the few years I had the Half wave ..

Dipole up in the air. I was looking on the internet tonight/Early morning and came across your call sign and the article about you sending the Complete dipole and balum and I think coax to get me on 160 meters.

I ‘m not sure I ever sent you a thank you note?? I do remember the dipole and putting it up in the air and working a lot of stations in your area and east coast stations with my 100 watts.

Many hams owe you a thanks for making it possible for me to work them on 160 meters.

I have moved to a new QTH here across the from the airport on the beach, when I had my friend Bob ZL1RS from NZ helping me setup the antennas, we tried putting up the 160 meter dipole, but after 3 tries, we gave up, The Clear plastic coated wire ( Looked like Stainless Wire) kept on breaking when we would get it up in the air, Bob is a very good splicer but it would break in a different location each time.

So ended its life but not after making many people Happy on 160 meters.

Steven thank you for taking the time and effort to help me get on 160 meters, Over the 38 years I have lived in the Cook islands as a ham, I have talked to many hams and many hams promise to help me get on certain bands by sending me gear but 90% is just talk and nothing comes of it. Really nice to meet someone that took the time, money and effort to help someone out in the South Pacific.

Today I spent the Whole day meeting a group of hams at 5am at the airport, that will be in the CQWWSSB Contest Under E51Z , helping them get parts, pulling down a Rusty 5 element 10 meter beam from my tower (I’m getting too Old for climbing towers and pulling Antennas down) After a very long and tiring day, I stop to think why do I do this?? Spend the whole day off work to help Visiting hams, But as I came across your call and the short article about helping me, I felt less tired..(but still I’ m not going to put the 10 meter antenna up, Visiting hams will have to do that after the Contest) Talk about sore and hands blistered….and a Wife saying your too old to be climbing towers like a Kid. not too sure about the old but the Kid part is still true….

Thank you once again Steven and to your Family

God Bless and keep you Steven

Victor Rivera E51CG/E51USA

Po Box 618

Rarotonga Cook Islands

Ps You can see my new QTH on QRZ.com listing

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A Little Assist to the South Cook Islands – NEWDXA Lends a Hand

NEWDXA (Northeast Wisconsin DX Association) recently discussed a situation in the South Cook Islands.

A few years back NEWDXA sent a 160m antenna to Victor E51CG and had learned that in extreme weather the center balun had perished.

After discussion it was decided to make sure that Victor E51CG received the parts he needed and also that NEWDXA was making him an Honorary DX Member of NEWDXA!

A couple days after the meeting I read in an article that Scot K9JY posted that Richard AD7AF was heading out to the Cook Islands to operate as E51WWA.

Putting two & two together an email to NEWDXA’s John NZ9Z set things in motion. With only two regularly active hams on the Cooks (E51CG and Jim E51JD) it was pretty likely that AD7AF/E51WWA would meet up with Victor during his stay.

AD7AF/E51WWA was kind enough to pick up a will-call order at HRO on his way to the airport and has hand delivered the needed parts to Victor E51CG!!

If you read this months World Radio the E51CG/E51JD/E51WWA events are written up!

We should have a photo of everyone together this trip in a few weeks.

Hopefully the effort will help return E51-land to 160m!



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