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Dayton 2013 – Saturday Report

Continues to be an interesting Hamvention.

Tonight was the FlexRadio Systems Dayton Hamvention Dinner where I heard much more about the new series.

During the day I attended some of the Forums and did a bit of a Flea Market walk.

As I have promised to do a Radio Club Meeting presentation Monday night, my main Dayton recap will wait until after that presentation.

Tonight it is off to get some sleep before the seven hour drive home tomorrow.

More on my Dayton observations soon!



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Dayton 2013 – Rolling..

Loading up and heading out for Dayton.

Riding in the navigator’s chair is my friend George W9EVT, and at least here it is a glorious morning.

Planning the Collins Collectors Dinner Friday night and the FlexRadio Systems Dinner Saturday Night.

Hoping to catch up with the 1.871 SSB Net group, and I also really appreciate meeting up with family.  Tomorrow at Bob Evans the three cousins will continue our yearly Dayton Breakfast.  Doesn’t get any better!

Have a number of “want to see items” at the show – more in a follow up post.



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Dayton 2012 – Hat in the Ring….

I’ve set aside my worries and tossed my hat in the ring for Dayton 2012.

Concerns about Dayton as place had to be handled – pondering reminded me that there is more than one way to do Dayton, and having bookings a ways outside of Dayton should buffer us from much of the rough edges.

Yes, Dayton 2012 is booked. Hamvention Tickets & Bus Passes are in hand, reservations made for somewhere to bunk, and have booked the DX Dinner Banquet and the Flex-Radio Banquet.

Traveling with will be George W9EVT from Washington Island and one of my sons, Winston KC9FVR.

Planning is moving along with a few “eyeball QSOs” scheduled with relatives and friends.

Even have the iPass reloaded for road tolls already!

Short shopping list this year – while I’d love a new Hiberling PT-8000 Transceiver the weak USA dollar rate makes this radio one I need to save longer for…. someday….

More interested in some more QRP gear, possibly the new Alpha tuner (though it too is a bit of budget challenge in a down economy) and anything unique.

More on my plans as teh date gets closer.



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(No)Dayton Plans for 2010

A combination of reasons, but I’m passing on the Dayton Hamvention this year.

No bones about it, I find the Hara a dump, but I do like meeting the people!

With a finite number of vacation days (I’ve used all my carry-overs) and the expenses to attend the Hamvention (travel and a place to stay), and the lack of either a pressing shopping list or a “Dayton Buddy” to travel with, I’ve decided to plan something else this year.

That I can speed-read/listen/watch my way through so much of the Dayton content via various webinars, podcasts and streaming efforts, makes the 480 miles each way seem like an undue penalty. Given that a solid third of the route for me is under construction this year…. well it makes a long drive into a big project.

When reasons not to do something seem to be mounting, they often pile-on – of the few tentative Dayton 2010 ideas I had, one had been to visit UltraCell, a Fuel Cell manufacturer who did seminars at Dayton 2009.  Turns out they are deep “do do” having made public their need for lots of cash, and just put everyone on short hours and started terminating their Government Compliance team.  The ham who presented last year is gone too. Seems it is as likely to find them sold or shuttered by the time Dayton rolls around.

Then found that a customer I had hoped to catch on the way will be out of country for several weeks, including Hamvention weekend.

My Contest University sequence is really completed – I recognized that last year when I attended for the their third year, and I think they recognized it this year when they didn’t even email out details to past attendees.  Realistically last year was for the benefit of my son Tom KC9JGD and the present concept of a two-year program is a good idea.  I’m not very keen on Webinar informational presentations though – I didn’t even watch the one on their site – as you can’t “speed watch” a webinar which means they are big timewaster compared to material I can read at my pace.

Enough K9ZW – the cup is not half empty!!  Now it is time for me to plan out what I will do in leu of Dayton.  Do I attend the NRA show the same weekend (with my membership level I get into all the “good stuff”) or just do an Island Activation?

Hmmm….  more soon!



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Dayton or Not to Dayton? That is the Question.

Yes I have hotel reservations thanks to a friend who persevered until a booking at the Crown was obtained, and yes I have a CU slot.

For various reasons it looks like I may be traveling alone and kind of on my own at for the Hamvention, as my friend George W9EVT is taking a pass for 2009 and some of the other regulars seem to be doing the same – taking a pass for 2009.

Cannot blame them, the economy and all.

On one hand I am really looking forward to looking over all the latest gear, and I find I get a lot from the seminars.

But then it does happen to be exactly the same time as the big NRA show in Phoenix.

A trip to Phoenix has some advantages – sunshine, generally a nicer situation and I’ve lots of friends & acquaintances in Arizona. The show would be first class and I qualify for tickets to the speakers (Glen Beck, Sarah Palin & a number of others).

But no radios and I would miss out on the ramshackle Hara Arena in Dayton and a first hand visit to urban blight.

Have some hard thinking to do – and tickets to book if I decide to do the NRA show instead.

Dayton or Not to Dayton?  That is the Question.

Of course I could just take a couple days off and spend it up north fishing, doing radio and maybe plinking on a range…..



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Bits & Tidbits of News on the Run-Up to Dayton

Ok with the Dayton Hamvention a mere six weeks out, I would expect any of us planning to go are getting the “Dayton Itch.”

I’m again registered for Contest University, and there is 3-1/2 weeks more of open registration before they close off new applications on April 30th.  I’ll be attending the Alumni section, which is programmed to follow on from the material presented last year.

It has been proposed before and Scott NE1RD & I were there in 2007, as a Ham-Blogger Gatheringduring the Hamvention is in the works.  More when time & date are settled.

I hear rumbling of various product launches and some expected products that may be held back from Dayton.  Some of the launches I’ll be covering in the next few weeks, and obviously unless it is a product announced and withdrawn I won’t have very much to say about the Dayton no shows.

Cannot tell you how smart I think it is hold back a product just not quite 100% ready, rather than rush to show at Dayton.  As big of a milestone of the amateur radio industry calendar as Dayton is creates huge pressure to have product to launch by the time of the show.  But if a product isn’t ready for prime time this same exposure can kill it stone cold.

More over the next week!  Don’t miss that deadline to join Contest University!



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