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K9ZW Main Home Rack Progress

Spent some workshop time on the last Saturday in January 2021 getting the main K9ZW Home QTH FlexRadio Rack up and running.

The FlexRadio setup had been usable barefoot but  operated from other power supplies, routers and gear not actually on the rack itself.  I refused to take a picture of the rats-nest of layered cabling that had been in use.

Main K9ZW Home QTH FlexRadio Rack

I’d been putting off wiring everything to essentially make everything work. So today I got out my Andersen PowerPole tools, made cables, did software updates and got the whole lot working right. Walking you from the top down:

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Working on Radio Rack Organization

With the arrival of the Collins HF-380 transceiver I’ve needed to re-think my radio rack organization.

My first stab was to put the HF-380 just above desk height, as my intent is to use the Collins in a completely manual mode.

This particular Collins is an original HF-380 rather than a converted KW-380, has all of the extras including the high duty cycle blower kit, keypad, speech processor, manuals, and original rack mount.  Even have a dedicated Collins issue HF-380 spare parts kit and full service manual, as if the radio would have been deployed somewhere very remote.

K9ZW rack in transition

From the top down:

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