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Collins Collectors Association – call for helpers

This recently was sent to the CCA membership:


Help Wanted — CCA
From: Scott Kerr
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 15:24:09 PDT 


As you know, I am no longer on the CCA Board since I have termed out and have to stand down for a couple of years. I still am very active as an advisor and still retain some of my former duties. Therefore the following is not from the Board — but I have been around long enough that I feel that I can speak freely.

Several of the leaders have approached me in the last few days with concern about the state of the CCA. They have made it known that it increasingly hard to find members that want to contribute to the workload that is required to keep the CCA going at its current level. When you consider that we have a huge website, a reflector on groups.io, the membership to keep up with, updates to payments, addresses, email addresses and call signs, money to keep up with and tax returns to file, nets that run every week all across the nation and Dayton to plan and execute, plus the biggest workload is publishing the Signal Magazine. The guys that are doing the work now are doing a super job……but are used up! If you are one of those guys helping out now then a big thanks to you!

The Signal used to be a newsletter with some technical articles but Bill Carns N7OTQ turned it into an incredible four color magazine. Very few know just how much work that endeavor was. Since Bill is a very close friend, I saw how much time Bill put into the that work. It was basically a full time job and the body of work was unbelievably good.

This club has been around now for over 30 years. Those that started it back in the 90’s and made it into the fine organization that it is, are now a lot older! Now we have lost so many dear friends and many of those that remain are not as able to contribute like they used to. It is no secret that the generation behind us are not as excited about collecting boat anchors and of those that are, most are still working full time jobs. As someone who is still out in the workforce as an owner of a small company, I can say that work is not what it used to be. There is just little free time – as the internet and email has turned work into a 24×7 affair. Combine that with the changes that COVID has brought to our world and now inflation ravishing our economy we are living in a very different world than we enjoyed 10 or 15 years ago.

I get it. 

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Disposition of radios (2) – Collins S-Line Station

Collins S-Line (32/75/312-4…) Station Loaded for Service Work

Over the last 12 years I’d accumulated enough Collins S-Line equipment to not only complete the 32s/75s station started when George W9EVT gave me a 75S1 receiver with a shopping list of what I needed to complete an operating S-Line station, but a second KWM-2A transceiver based station which I will come back to in another post.

The 32S/75S setup was never fully setup once collected and consists of:

  • 32S1 – transmitter
  • 75S1 – receiver
  • 30L1 – amplifier
  • 312B4 – remote VFO
  • 516F2 – power supply
  • 312B3 – speaker
  • DL-1 – dummy load
  • Matching SWR Meter
  • SM-1 – microphone
  • SM-2 – microphone
  • Voice processor
  • Digital frequency Display
  • necessary interconnect cables, manuals, some spare tubes, and so on

At no one time has the entire station been in operation.

I reached out via the reflector to fellow members of the Collins Collectors Association asking for help checking over the gear, and more importantly helping me with some issues with the other S-Line station (the one that I will come back to in a later post).

Chuck W9KR reached out to me, as we are just over an hour apart, offing to help me out.

So the station made it way to Chuck’s QTH for review, tune-up and any catch-up work/mods.

We opened up the 30L1 amp to test the tubes, as replacing these tubes has become rather pricy. W9KR has awesomely kept tube testers that outshine a typical museum piece which were put to duty testing the four tubes.

All of the power tubes tested great, and digging a bit further we discovered this particular 30L1 had already had a power supply upgrade board and kit installed.

We spent some time with my describing how I wanted to end up with a robust station that I and others who didn’t have much of a chance to operate tube radios could work with learning these skills.

The station was left with Chuck W9KR to be systematically gone through. Planes are to bring in the KWM-2A station from Washington Island so Chuck can help me sort that station out as well.



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Some Amateur Radio Publications I Read

I regularly read six amateur radio publications, though sometimes they pile up for a few issues before I “binge-read” the backlog  I’ve included one not exactly radio publication in the list as they have some regular ham content.

QST – published by the ARRL covers a lot of territory and I usually skim though cover to cover.  As an ARRL life member I have ongoing online access, so my once read issues are donated to retired hams.

Link is: http://www.arrl.org/qst

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Is that Dayton on the Horizon?

Looking ahead fifteen weeks, Dayton 2013 is coming around.

Always makes sense when travel a fair distance to get one’s ducks lined up early, so reservations are being made.

Working to ballance a couple events our small group would like to attend – the the FlexRadio Dinner, the Collins Collector Dinner and one of the Contest or DX Dinners.

I make this one of two anual events where I meet up with the eldest of thre three family branches, so that is truly a highlight to look forward for.

This year George W9EVT is panning to be my navigator for Dayton 2013.  Doing Dayton with George W9EVT is real pleasure as he knows and is friends with so many interesting hams – the wort that are doing neat things.

I’ve also invited my youngest son, Vic KC9NWB to come along.  He will have to decide if he can cut some classes to make Dayton.

Links for this year are:

The Dayton Hamvention Website: http://hamvention.org/
The DX Dinner Webpage: http://www.swodxaevents.org/
The Collins Collectors Group Website: http://www.collinsradio.org/
FlexRadio Systems Website: http://flexradio.com/
The Contest Dinner Website: http://www.contestdinner.com/

Hope to see you there!



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