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For Sale – Thinning the fleet here

Thinning the fleet here – contact me for details of anything that catches your interest:

Cars and Bikes are in Wisconsin.

Backstory is these French cars were not shown at any shows in 2020 or 2021, and other than deliberately taking out on short drives we didn’t drive them either year. So while they are awesome cars, they didn’t make the cut..

Two of my motorcycles are also going to be sold:



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Non-Radio – the Little Citroens – 2CV6 and Dyane

Everybody should have a two-cylinder car, right? Here are some of ours.

Since first driving a Citroen 2CV in Spain while a teenager, I’ve liked these small cars. I drove on all over Germany and surrounds, then have owned a handful since returning stateside.

The pretty car is the XYL’s, and it is a 1983 model that was imported stateside late in 2018. The car is our second car while on Washington Island.

Citroen 2CV6

The red car is an even less common Dyane model from 1969, which is a current project. It is low mileage and mechanically very sound, new interior is in with a bit of trim to complete, and next will be the paint.

Citroen Dyane-6

Both of the cars have 602cc engines, air cooled, and four speed transmissions. Both have aftermarket electronic ignition and are ready to drive coast to coast.

The 2CV6 came to us all pretty, and my work has been limited to fitting the electronic ignition and routine service.

There is a massively inclusive write up of the history of the 2CV series which you can find at https://infogalactic.com/info/Citro%C3%ABn_2CV

Some other links are: Resources (just a sampling)

Citroenvie – a North American website usually listing a few 2CV models for sale – https://citroenvie.com/cars-for-sale
French Car Parts West – one of the places I get parts from – https://www.2cvsource.com
Citroenet – the largest international Citroen information repository – http://citroenet.org.uk/passenger-cars/michelin/2cv/2cv-index.html
Burton 2CV – lots of upgrades, restorations, and parts – https://www.burton2cvparts.com
International 2cv Friends – a forum all about 2cv cars –



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