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Non-Radio – the Big Citroen DSuper5 (DS21)

Another ongoing car project – a 1973/74 Citroen DSuper5 (registration paperwork shows 1973 but serial numbers indicate 1974) sedan that I bought in late 2017 from Canada.

The car was mechanically up to stuff having been doted over by one of Quebec’s best Citroen mechanics, but the interior was getting tired as was the paintwork.

Here is the car in pre-shipment photographs:

European Glassed-In Turning Headlights

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Considering a HF Mobile Station in one of my Vintage Cars – a 1974 Citroen DSuper5

I’m considering a HF Mobile Station in one of my Vintage Cars, a 1973/74 Citroen DSuper5 that I am in the midst of renovating.

Here is a picture at the start of the project:

1973/74 Citroen DSuper5

The car project needs to complete before I’ll consider adding a mobile station.  That is expected to happen in next several weeks.

Then the question is whether to do a 1970’s style classic station or use up to date radios?

I’m leaning towards modern gear, as I could hide the station in the glove box and trunk, and with a removable antenna setup I could avoid the “Gendarmerie Nationale” unmarked squad car look when at car shows (if they return).



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