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ARRL Web Survey Amusements – Where’s the Real Content?

Fun & amusing, the vast majority of website based surveys are openly acknowledged as unscientific and biased to the point of uselessness.

They can be a lot of fun, and can have a great use in prompting the website visitor to think about topics and perhaps interactively reflect on subjects of mutual interest.

The ARRL has joined the ranks, but at a new low for mundane meaningless questions – from the ARRL website:

QuickStats to Debut on Web and QST
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Member polls have returned to the ARRL Web, but with a twist. Rather than a single weekly poll, the new QuickStats page at http://www.arrl.org/quickstats offers several polls at once with new questions every 30 days. The results will be published in QST beginning with the October issue.

Start by visiting the QuickStats page now. Be sure to bookmark it in your browser! Watch for poll results in the special QST QuickStats page in the rear advertising section of the magazine. Along with monthly poll results, QST QuickStats offers colorful charts and graphs that highlight interesting Amateur Radio statistics.


The Link: http://www.arrl.org/quickstats and the current web polls:

Make Yourself Heard!
Vote in all or even just one of the QST QuickStat polls below. We’ll publish the results in an upcoming issue of QST (look for the QuickStats page in the Table of Contents).
Poll #1

What is your favorite HF band?

160 Meters
80 Meters
60 Meters
40 Meters
30 Meters
20 Meters
17 Meters
15 Meters
12 Meters
10 Meters
Poll #2

What is your favorite VHF/UHF band?
6 Meters (50 – 54 MHz)
2 Meters (144 – 148 MHz)
1.25 Meters (222 – 225 MHz)
70 cm (420 – 450 MHz)
33 cm (902 – 928 MHz)
Poll #3

When are you on the air most often?

Weekend mornings
Weekend afternoons
Weekend evenings
Weekday mornings
Weekday afternoons
Weekday evenings

Please Note: QuickStat polls are informal and for entertainment purposes only. They are not scientifically valid; they reflect the opinions of only those ARRL Members who have chosen to participate. The ARRL does not promote or endorse the use of this information for any factual purposes and can not be deemed responsible for any inaccuracies in the results.

What is your favorite band? When are you on the air the most?

Not bad questions, but the offered answers are sorely lacking!

How could the favorite band miss answers like “Max MUF limited open DX band” or when most often on miss “On the most during Contest Weekends?”

The alternative imaginative answers are legion, and while the effort to add amusements to the gray & boring ARRL website welcome, there will need to be some imagination & inspiration added to make ever looking at “Quick Stats” worth the time to click on the link.

Oh did you catch that not only will bandwidth be wasted on the lame polls, but you can expect part of your QST to feature this rubbish starting in October?

Hopefully this QuickStats nonsense is just a placeholder for real content.



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