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A bit of Solo Field Day – Island Operations from WI-001L

While doing other Island Shack chores, ran a bit of FT8 Field Day just to say I did something for 2021’s Field Day.

Took me a bit to remember how to set up WSJT for Field Day. Worked the treat once I remembered that in Settings–> Advanced is where the Field Day mode setting is hiding.

A rainy weekend on the island, which dashed my interest in trying some different antenna setups.



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A little bit of 1D WI 2020 Field Day at K9ZW

Did run a bit of Field Day 2020, but did the lazy ham’s FT8 method of participating while multi-tasking.

Had more than a smidgen of troubles with my particular install of WSJT once switched to Field Day mode with double-entry of QSOs, missed logging of QSOs and error-outs with claims of inaccurate exchange entries (it would drop my sent exchange by the time it tried to log the QSO).

So the usual click-per-QSO became multiple.

I saw where very close to FD that a new WSJT version was released, which may have sorted the issues, but I didn’t upgrade prior to the event and long ago I learned to NEVER upgrade during a contest unless there is no choice.

Better to struggle with a bunch of extra key clicks and perhaps a few unrecorded QSOs than upgrade into bigger issues that could put my station off the air.

I didn’t hook up an external logger program either.  My preparation time was sharply curtailed by other pressing demands, and I didn’t have time to set up a logger with WSJT ahead of FD. 

So I made roughly a 100 QSOs, all FT8, while otherwise working in the workshop. Did listen to a lot of great alpine traditional music, built a new sign for the property, did some musical practicing, and when I tired of sitting at the operating station did yard work.




The Dawn of a New Era? How after the ChiCom Plague we will never go back again. Part 5 – Full Ham Edition

The Dawn of a New Era?  How after the ChiCom Plague we will never go back again – Part 5 – Full Ham Edition

My last post in this series discussing the paradigm shifts in our lives brought on by the ChiCom Plague, but with a particular focus on Amateur Radio.

The paradigm shifts I covered in posts 1, 2, 3 and 4, that appear they will stay with us once the ChiCom Plague virus is thwarted are (in italic to show they were already covered):

  • Accelerated Change on multiple Axis
  • Risk Analysis of Social Contacts
  • Risk Analysis of Group Meetings (Starving the Monkeys)
  • Travel vs Teleconference
  • Supply Chain Robustness
  • Distrust of the MSM and other public voices with an agenda
  • Increase in Personal Preparedness
  • Two-is-One, One-is-None mentality as the new norm
  • Unmaintainable generics vs Sustainable Brand options
  • Exotics vs Field-Maintainable Equipment
  • The Death of JIT (Just in Time) logistics
  • Education Reform
  • The Kennedy Reality (Ask not..)

But what about ham radio? (Listed in Bold to match the other posts):

  • The Hamfest has taken a forever hit
  • Boat Anchors and Used Gear will have polarized values
  • One-Man-Band Equipment Providers will be Challenged
  • Did Big Group Field Day just die for 2020 or did it go the way of the Dodo?
  • What happens to Club Meetings?
  • Supply Chain Issues Favor Domestic Production

Delving into these issues:

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To do Field Day with the Flex-6700 or not?

Question at hand, with the new radio due in tomorrow do I take it to Field Day Saturday, not take it, or do I use it but as a 1D station from home?

Choices, choices…..

Tracking says I should be here before lunch tomorrow….



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Planning a Simple Field Day 2012

Planning for a minimalistic Field Day 2012 with Mancorad W9DK Club.

Sharply focused to what matters, we will operate from Lincoln Park using an HF station, some satellite gear and bringing another QRP rig.

“Bring Your Own Lunch” BYOL makes logistics much easier.

Standard Publicity through mainly electronic means matches the time available.

Operating hours have been set for Noon local to 4 PM, with “run-on” if members want.  The park doesn’t allow overnights without special arrangements and we know the mosquitos will be very bad towards dusk, so common sense prevailed.

Using a mix of member and club gear, much to whittle down the amount of gear moved and to limit set-up/tear-down time.  We’ve giving ourselves 45 minutes each side, but know we’ve done this setup in 15 minutes when pushed.

No rain plans, so if the weather sucks we’ll be doing something else.  Some members talked about operating from the Club Station provided it isn’t lightning in any bad weather.

Catch you on the air Saturday!



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