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FlexRadio 4o3a TGXL Tuner Genius Has Arrived! (Unboxing)

UPS delivered a long awaited addition to the K9ZW ham shack, arriving of course on the only day I was out of town.

I removed what I thought was the inner box from the big generic shipping box filled with packing beans, a box that UPS had roughed up a bit in transit. Final unboxing was deferred to Saturday June 19th 20201 as I wanted to put this tuner into use for some weekend work.

First a few unboxing photos:

Outer Box of the 4o3a packaging

Opened – inner box, quick start notes and of course more packing beans

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Some Additional 4o3a Rotator Genius (RG) Notes

The 4o3a Rotator Genius (RG) I’m setting up has a few idiosyncrasies worth mentioning:

  • Initial setup required a male-to-male USB cable or manipulating the buttons on the bottom of the unit to enter the menu system and a static IP address.
  • (This applies when contrasted to AG v 1.0, as AG v 2.0 uses a different connector) The Eurostyle Terminal Block for DC power is opposite polarity of the same plug when used in a 4o3a Antenna Genius.  You can also power the RG with up to 48VDC.  Output to the Rotator control cable is adjustable in coarse increments to lesser amounts.  (Remember to calculate and then check your voltage at the rotator end of the cable. – you’re going to want 7v or higher at the sensor end.) Continue reading