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Great Group – 3905 Century Club Net

3905 Century Club Logo

3905 Century Club Logo

Last night I spent a couple hours working on my station, and had first checked in on the 1.895 Every Night 160m Net, then the 1.871 160m Net run most nights by Tom KC8QGJ and stumbled on a friendly net I had forgotten about, the 3905 Century Club 160m Early Net.

  • Extremely Friendly!
  • Very Well Run!
  • A Good Time Had By All!
  • The Nicest Folk You Might Meet on the Air!

Any of these would describe the Net to the Tee!

This time participating I downloaded the 3905CCN Logger (links on their website) and got it up and running during the net!  SQL based task-specific the Logger is impressive!

In short order I made contacts with several states I previously did not have 160m Phone contacts with. Lots of fun!

Of course the 3905 Century Club operates on more bands and other modes.  Currently they have Fifty-Four Different nets each week, spread from 160m to 20m, in SSB, CW, PSK and RTTY flavors!

Link to the 3905CC Website is:  http://www.3905ccn.com/

And a direct link to the Net Schedule is:  http://www.3905ccn.com/newsite/netsched.htm

Great People and a Highly Recommended Radio Experience!



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