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A Very Good Cause – Ears To Our World (ETOW)

Featured in an extended interview on TWIARi (This Week in Amateur Radio International) ETOW (Ears To Our World) looks to be a very worth cause.

Ears to Our World Logo

Ears To Our World (ETOW) is a grass-roots, humanitarian organization that specializes in the distribution of medium and shortwave radio technologies to connect media broadcasters with individuals in the developing world.

“More specifically, our mission is to enable children and their support networks in the most remote, impoverished parts of the world to receive educational programming, local and international news, emergency information and music through the use of radio receivers. Our focus will be on classrooms, but our reach will encompass other community facilities.

I will be seeing what I can do for this cause, perhaps you will join me?



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A Voice-in-a-Box – MegaVoice for Radio Missionaries

Galcom’s efforts to bring the Word of God through Amateur & Commercial Radio has been touched on in “Go Ye and Spread the Word – Solar Powered Radios for Missionaries” and “Radio Ministries ‘Passes the Batton’ to Blessings for Obedience.”

They also have a “Voice-in-a-Box” machine called the MegaVoice.


“The MegaVoice player is a slim, hand held unit about the size of a thin cell phone. It is capable of storing and replaying up to 160 hours of spoken word. This simple unit functions as an electronic tract that is water resistant and very durable. It has no internal moving parts, and runs on a small battery. Its compact size and affordability make the Megavoice a very powerful tool for ministries.”

These have the ability to take a recording anywhere!

In addition to their Missionary use, the potential is huge.

Check out more in my previous posts, the links on the sidebar, and my clicking on the picture of the MegaVoice.



Go Ye and Spread the Word – Solar Powered Radios for Missionaries

Our Friends at Blessings for Obedience are involved in a very interesting project – the supply of solar powered receivers t receive dedicated broadcasts in remote areas of the world.

From their websites:



Galcom Logo 

Providing durable technical equipment for communicating the Gospel worldwide.

Partnering with evangelicals worldwide to facilitate sharing the Gospel through technology

Over 550,000 radios have been distributed to over 120 countries bringing many to faith in Christ

I am a missionary!

Mr Galcom Logo

I am a missionary.
I am being used of God to go into all the world
and preach the Gospel to every creature.
I have a tremendous task.


I am a healthy missionary; weakness of the body
does not slow me down.
I never get a headache.
I never get a cold
I never get tired.


I am an unrestricted missionary. I know no barriers.
Bars are not a barrier to me nor are curtains
of iron or bamboo.
I reach into the homes of rich and poor,
into respectable homes and places of ill repute.
The race or creed of a man does not restrain me.


I am a welcomed missionary. Homes are open to me
that would never open to a preacher.
Ears will hear my message eagerly though they would never go
to an evangelical church.


I am an educated missionary.
I speak the language perfectly and speak so the
professional can understand as well as the uneducated.
I can approach every person on his or her level of understanding.


I am an effective missionary.
I can reach more people at one time than Paul reached in a lifetime.
I can cover more territory with the Gospel in fifteen minutes
than the average missionary could cover in many months.
I do not even need a visa!I am man-made…but used of God.I am a Galcom “Go-Ye Fix-tuned Radio.”
Four Galcom Radios
Galcom SW Radio



Very interesting and a highly effective method to share the world with those otherwise isolated from their fellows. 73Steve

Radio Ministries “Passes the Batton” to Blessings for Obedience


Blessings For Obedience

Blessings for Obedience Logo

 A fine radio mission group covered in a previous article, Radio Ministries, has been an excellent program spearheaded by Scott K4SET.   Radio Ministries is combining efforts with Blessings for Obedience.

We’re excited with Scott K4SET’s selection of Blessings for Obedience as a synergy for mission.

From Blessings for Obedience’s Website:

Blessings For Obedience Ministry (Deut. 28:1-14) was co-founded by Kelly Coleman and Don Matthews in 1986 as a Christian, non-denominational outreach to promote unity in the body of Christ worldwide. 

We assist Christian missionaries and organizations with communications. BFO operates an amateur (ham) radio network with scheduled times and frequencies for missionaries and others to ‘check-in’ for prayer, fellowship, phone patch assistance and emergency traffic handling.

Our ministry also provides radio equipment for missionaries, as well as communications training, and technical support.

We work alongside ministries such as Galcom, International, to build Christian low, to medium-power FM and AM broadcast stations for missionaries working in remote areas of the world, and places where radio stations do not exist.  BFO also distributes Galcom’s fixed-tuned, solar-powered ‘Go-Ye’ radios to villages throughout the world.

Blessings For Obedience also provides disaster relief assistance and communications, and also operates a Bible outreach.


Blessings For Obedience

Please continue to support the fine efforts of mission orientated groups!


Giving Voice to the Best of News – Radio Ministries


Blessings For Obedience

Blessings for Obedience Logo



 Radio Ministries is an excellent program spearheaded by Scott K4SET

Scott states the group’s mission so well that I am simply going to quote him:

 Many Christian missionary, Bible translation, and relief groups are working in areas without access to land based phones, traditional cell phones, or the Internet. These groups must find alternative ways to communicate within the group, and with family, friends and supporters back home.

Their best options are very expensive satellite cell phones or radio. We can help by supplying radio based communications systems and training to use them!

Radio Ministries Banner

Extra equipment from the K9ZW shack has gone to Radio Ministries and has either gone out in support of mission communications or has been sold to fund more suitable equipment for field mission use.

A very worthy group & cause.

Check it out at