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Time to Clear-Out Excess Gear – K9ZW Items for Sale


I’ve not been very good about getting rid of excess gear, and I’m overdue clearing several excess rigs & bits from my shack:

  • TenTec Pegasus Transceiver – Excellent NOS Like New Condition – Purchased as NOS and only Tested on air – original box, manuals and disks. No AT $650 plus shipping
  • TenTec Pegasus Transceiver – Excellent Used Condition – Has the TenTec Internal Antenna Tuner – Case has light stacking scratches. Manual & disks. $600 plus shipping [WITHDRAWN for Family’s Use]
  • TenTec 1251 RF Counterpoise – Three Available – Excellent Condition – $75 each plus shipping [SOLD]
  • TenTec 1253 Shortwave Receiver – Built from Kit by an SK, looks unused – $75 plus shipping
  • Henry 2K Amp, Original Teardrop Model – with extensive documented added protection circuitry, with roller cart and manual, one meter cover is in shabby shape, otherwise Good Condition. Unable to move down into my shack for complete workout. – $900 picked-up, or plus Palletization & Freight costs.
  • Dentron MT-2000A Antenna Tuner – Excellent Condition – $300 plus shipping [REPURPOSED to Vintage Station]
  • LDG AT-1000 Antenna Tuner (Not the newer AT-1000Pro) – New as purchased direct from LDG, unboxed and sat on-top of the Palstar AT4K briefly. Firmware Upgrades Available from LDG. $400 plus shipping [SOLD]
  • MFJ-941E Antenna Tuner – Good Working Condition, Average Cosmetic Condition. $60 plus shipping [SOLD]

Contact me for more details. You can find lots of information on these tuners, including photos, at eHam, the manufacturer’s websites and by google.

I’ll leave these posted here for a couple weeks or so before putting out eHam & QTH ads.



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Bruce Array Antennas & Warehouse Floors

The crank-up tower problem on Washington Island had taken down the Bruce Array I had built for W9EVT. 

In building the first one we’d learned a lot and in the field tuning more nuances of the Bruce Array were discovered.

Field tuning was much more sensitive than expected.

So plans are being made to build another Bruce Array for W9EVT on WI-001L.

The warehouse where we built last time is filled with winter storage at the moment, though with the experience of the first build proving out the roll-up build system we trialed I think we could do the build in a much smaller area.

The field-assembly system we designed also worked excellent.  The transformation from a spool of wire & antenna ropes to a ready to lift Bruce Array couldn’t have gone any better.

Reality is that until the snow clears on the Island and the ground firms enough for the Terex Lift the Bruce Array wouldn’t go up – so perhaps waiting for the storage to clear and building then would work out.

Thinking more than one will be built – the main new one for W9EVT and a spare for him to store (will leave the balun out of the spare for the time being).

It would not be very hard to make this a short run of Bruce Arrays. 

If any of you reading might be interested in a 40m Bruce Array for your QTH this spring, please drop me a note.  We could discuss if the design we’re building would work for you and put some costs together based on whether you’d be helping with the build & the final spec.



For Sale – Alpha 78 – Price Adjusted

Inside the Alpha 78 (less Transfomer)


I’ve adjusted the price on QTH and here on the Alpha 78 to below what it would cost a person to have an Amp redone like this.

If you’re happy with second-best in your shack you certainly can scrounge an Alpha 78 with bad cosmetics and perhaps less assured in being up to snuff electronically for less.

Consider me picky, as I just don’t fancy having a shack full of rough gear at anything less than spot-on functionally.

Perhaps I should box this one up and save it for my planned second shack at work.

Thank you for looking!



For Sale – Alpha 78 Amp (K9ZW Station Backup Unit)

— [ AMP IS SOLD ] — 

I’ve gear that I’ve no room for in the shack, and really should whittle down.

With a new Amp on order it doesn’t seem prudent to be back at four amps when I have room on the bench for only one.

As listed on

Alpha 78 Amp

FOR SALE – Alpha 78 Amp

FOR SALE – Alpha 78 Amp, exceptional condition, recently fully serviced by Alpha, all their mods/upgrades, including installation of a full new front panel & case cover. (This is the new face & cover Alpha 78 pictured on their website!).

Has been on the air less than ten hours since return from Alpha (I have room for only one Alpha on-line at a time).

Alpha’s test paperwork and manual included.

Will ship in two boxes (Alpha provided).

Looks and runs like an Alpha 78 did when they were new.

$2700 (reduced) plus shipping from 54220



 I had written up the Alpha-78 amps I had redone by Alpha Radio Products at “The K9ZW Shack Alpha 78 Amp Story”

End of a Project – NSU Ro80’s Listed on eBay

I’ve just never gotten any traction on the NSU Ro80 project and have listed them on eBay: 



A Few More Items For Sale from the K9ZW Shack Clean-Out

Listed a couple more unused items from the shack on QTH.COM

(click on the QTH.COM logo for their website)

  • A mint TenTec Pegasus Transceiver
  • A LDG Internal Tuner, new, for a TenTec Pegasus
  • If I can keep at it, I will be able to reduce the clutter to reasonable levels here at the K9ZW shack.