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Doing the Hamcram – Mancorad W9DK in Planning for April 2008 Hamcram

Mancorad W9DK is planning a Spring 2008 Hamcram.

Our first three Hamcrams were very successful and the word must be out. We already have a list of interested students for a Spring 2008 hamcram.

Dates are being finalized, as we try and balance the various calendars (instructors’, local schools’, contest and community events) when a date is selected.

Check out the Hamcram tab for links to articles where we explain how we’ve modified the Hamcram to make it work for us.



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MANCORAD Welcomes Eight New Members

The FCC callsigns for the MANCORAD W9DK December 1st Hamcram have already been issed by the FCC! 

Our Eight new club member and new Radio Amateurs are:

Terry Schumacher                       KC9MPE
Nick Bushman                               KC9MPF
Mark Salmon                                 KC9MPG
Tom Bushman                               KC9MPH
Michael Thompson                       KC9MPI
Kurt Bushman                               KC9MPJ
Wayne Bashaw                              KC9MPK
Alison Weinert                               KC9MPL

Tom KC9MPH is the son of long time club member Oran N9VIA.  Nick KC9MPF and Kurt KC9MPJ are grandsons of N9VIA.  A real family affair.

As is my dear XYL Alison becoming KC9MPL.  As part of her efforts to gain a teaching license in Science (Alison is something like the third generation of Chemist in her family) she thought being able to teach the children about Amateur Radio really would be better done if she became an amateur herself. 

With our youngest son Victor continuing to study for his exam, we could soon be an “all-ham” household!

Youngest is Michael KC9MPI who is a 6th grader at Jackson Elementary.  His classmate in the Hamcram, Miki, is studying hard and hopefully will add another youthful ham to their school soon.

Congratulations to our eight new amateurs and Mancorad Club members!



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Making New Hams – Mancorad December 2007 Hamcram!

Hamcram December 2007

The W9DK Club has Eight new technician class members from today’s Hamcram. The new amateurs ranged from 6th graders to adults! Well done!

Despite rugged weather we had VE help from the Sheboygan Radio Club and had a great time!

More later in the week, as I need to go back out in the snow to play in the wind ensemble for a Christmas Concert.

Congratulations to Alison, Tom, Wayne, Nick, Kurt, Terry, Mark and Michael !!



Small Hands on Big Microphones – Getting Youth Involved in Amateur Radio

Just about Every Radio Club, other than those based on being licensed for a good many years or achieving a certain age, shares one of their Goals. 

To get Youth involved in Amateur Radio.

Techniques Used to attract youth vary – with pass-the-torch campaigns for older members to involve children & grandchildren, and youth clubs being often great sources for younger members.

Plans can be well thought, well done and still come up dry – if the youth are not interested. 

It has been wonderful to see our area DX Club admit not one, but three pre-teenage members, one who seems to be racking up a new country confirmation about every other day! 

Our local club now has a solid youth contingent, and the current HamCram group is younger than ever before.  Several pre-teen and teenage candidates look to be on their way to an Amateur Radio experience.

What works for adding active youth members?

Ask the Youth already involved for Suggestions on interesting their friends.  Some have told me that they like that once on air the other station doesn’t treat them “like a kid.”  Usually stations, even DX stations, are very pleased to work a youngster.  Many will spot the young Ham with comments like “Julie – 11 year old General – call her” or similar on the DX spotting clusters.

Other seem to like the “youth club” part of it.

Technology is a common interest.

Some want to do something with their older relatives or want to be able to do what their family is doing.

Some mentioned the thrill of being put on the air as an unlicensed guest driving their interest.

I should mention that in both clubs young girls are well represented in the youngsters.

Whatever works, keep it happening!




Mancorad Announces Winter 2007 Hamcram Class




Winter 2007 “HamCram”

Licensing Class 

December 1st, 2007 8 am to 4 pm

Join a fellow group of highly motivated Amateur Radio Candidates for Winter 2007 Manitowoc County Radio Club – MANCORAD’s “HamCram”


HamCram is a specially designed single day session that teaches everything needed to become an FCC Licensed Radio Amateur, with official FCC Licensing the same day.

A preparation session several weeks prior will explain in detail all that you need to study & know to pass the FCC multiple choice Technician License (Entry Level License).

We will show you how you can easily join the exciting Amateur Radio hobby through the use of the course preparation materials, a few on-line practice quizzes, the HamCram class and testing at our in-house test session.

Pre-Class: Monday November 12th at 7 pm (Optional Monday November 26th at 7 pm)

HamCram: Saturday December 1st, 2006 8 am – 4 pm

Where: Mancorad Club Shack, Old County Building at Waldo Blvd & Fleetwood Dr.

Cost: $40 which includes the $14 FCC Exam Fee, a copy of the ARRL Manual, $6 for your course materials, and a Pizza Lunch on HamCram Saturday. (Fee without Book is $20)

Contact: Mancorad – HamCram, P.O. Box 204, Manitowoc, WI 542210-0204

Email: Website:


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Mancorad Hamcram Autumn 2007 – December 1st

Our local club Mancorad W9DK is enrolling prospective licensees for a December 1st Hamcram!

Before the sound of the announcement was finished we had visitors to our club meeting asking to included on the student roster for this session.

What is very encouraging is we appear to have a number of 10 to 14 year old youth interested!

More as the PR rolls out this week!

On the instructional side, you can check out my past Hamcram postings for details on how our club has modified the Hamcram format to include a pre-session, assigning “Elmers” to coach the student, and the use of on-line resources for pre-Hamcram Day training. Last session was a 100% success with one student also passing his General Exam.



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