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For Contesting will FT8 give way to a new contest mode (FT4)?

Just as FT8 is an evolutionary mode considering the large amount of experience from JT9 and JT65, it looks that FT8 (for the purposes for of contesting) may be displaced a new mode.

Joe (K1JT), Steve (K9AN), and Bill (G4WJS) are moving their latest development to a larger group of testers, aiming for widespread testing by the end of April.

Though bits of information have come my way from a couple sources, I do not think the development team was making a general public announcement, so I’m going to apologize for a teaser post until they give a green light for wider PR efforts.

I am quite grateful that the FT8 continues to advance digital mode amateur radio with efforts on many fronts.

Check in at for any announcements.

— Update — just learned that the FT4 mode was made at least semi-public in recent presentations, and the mode is intended to challenge the QSO rate of RTTY contesting.

—- Update I added more in eth comments, but the pdf the development team released has a lot of information with the proposed test mock-contests!