Non-Radio – A Small Town Thing – Local Symphony

Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra – 04 Feb 2023

The small town where I work and live nearby, is pretty fortunate to have a viable community Symphony, three Community Wind Ensemble/Bands, a community Jazz Band/Stage Band, numerous long running vocal groups (chamber and barbershop mostly) and very long running small bands (mainly polka).

I’ve not been to many performances since before we all started hiding from the virus in 2020, and have only played once on stage in the last 3-4 years.

Early February 2023 we decided to attend the Manitowoc Symphony Orchestra, and had a fabulous time out.

Mozart and Haydn, well explained and played well!

Truth be known I really enjoy local live music. I know many of the players, and also a large cross section of the audience.

We have box seats purchased with the hope that the new elevator might allow one of both of my elderly parents to occasionally attend with us.

It is not every small community that has so many long running musical groups – here are some of ours (* are groups I have performed with):

Theatrical and sometimes includes music:

  • * Peter Quince Performing Company (founded 1969) – (a true youth theater group, as you have to be 12 years old to join, and you are graduated out when you turn 23)

There area lot more!

Quite a variety and much longevity for a community of 30 thousand (catchment area maybe twice that).

Not a bad place to be at all!



2 thoughts on “Non-Radio – A Small Town Thing – Local Symphony

  1. Kuby, MS-EET(ret) says:

    Manitowoc (and Eastern WI) area has always had deep roots in making locally talented musicians; playing an instrument was a highlight of the ‘old’ area school systems before budgets/wokeness set in.

    You missed one of Manty’s biggest recorded bands with six CD’s (they have retired now but did many command performances for WI Governor birthday parties) and often highlighted on Dr. DiMento — “The Happy Schnapp’s Combo”, with Horst (lead vocal/harmonica) is one of my oldest friends. Songs like ‘da Bears Still Suck’ polka, ‘Go-By Van’s’ polka, ‘da Badger’ polka that is played on the Badger Carferry every trip, etc.

    I, very very briefly, played clarinet in a local polka band before I went USN.

    Steve, which band did/do you play saxophone in?

    • k9zw says:

      The ones I listed are the ones you currently can hear perform live. There is a asterisk (*) at the ones I performed with, on saxophone except for the choir.

      I’ve not listed groups on hiatus either, as some like my “Skunk Hollow and Carptown Saxophone Conspiracy” are simply short enough players to perform regularly.

      Others like the all-German singing group seem to have faded completely away.

      The residual of Silver Lake College/Holy Family College has a few successor groups performing, but as their school closed & was razed information is scant.

      Further to share with folk not from around here, the High Schools, whether public or parochial, have choirs, orchestras, bands and marching bands – as do most middle schools.



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