A Great TV Feature about Ham Radio

The Fond du Lac Amateur Radio Club is about an hour from Manitowoc, and is a really nice club. Somehow they thought kindly enough to make me an honorary life member over some minor technical assistance I sorted out for them.

From Joe K9VY – Fond du Lac Amateur Radio Club PR guy:

“Mike from CBS in Milwaukee just emailed me with a link to the Sunday show. That’s right, the Sunday Show! If you want to see one of the most perfect interpretations of what Ham Radio is, watch this link.


Many times, the media puts things together like this and they never get it right. Not this time! Mike hit the hammer on the nail, took his time, did his research, and put together one of the best media pieces about Ham Radio that I have ever seen. And that’s coming from a retired radio guy who has been in the media doing interviews for 8 years! the pace, the editing, the professionalism, the camera work, all top notch.”

Again the link:


And the link to club (great newsletters!!):  https://www.fdlhams.com/



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2 thoughts on “A Great TV Feature about Ham Radio

  1. Kuby says:

    This was very good. Only item they was sort of covered but not directly is HAM radio is ‘age-less, sex-less, & race-less’ with licensees having all ranges of education.

    What binds HAMs together is their desire to tinker with radios, computers, antennas and other devices that affect our ability to effectively communicate with other HAMs around the world, in space or just down the road.

    In times of local/regional/national disasters HAM radio will always be available to get the messages through when other modern services cannot.

    de WN9KAS to N6JSX/8, +50yrs a HAM

    • k9zw says:

      Wasn’t with the interview of the young man, and a the discussion that when you meet another ham you most likely never really know what they look like, some of your concerns covered?

      A whole lot to like in this 5 minute TV piece.

      Joe K9VY does an outstanding job doing PR for FARC, as honestly to get media to even cover ham radio is a struggle.

      The time slot was influential, and the content a fabulous primer about contemporary ham radio!

      And the “true ham budget” of zero cost to the hams/club is always welcome!

      Hoping the feature attracts a few people to our hobby and influences more that the hobby is a noble one!



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