Island QTH Door Replacement

The Washington Island QTH station is in the basement of our island home, an area which should be safe, mostly vermin-free and warm.

I’ve documented how mice came in to nest in my Collins station, but hadn’t mentioned that the ad hoc door let the cold in and provided close to zero security.

Original door – top

Original door – bottom – notice the open area below the lowest step

The original door was built from 1/2 inch plywood and had a 1/2 inch extruded polystyrene layer of insulation glued to the wood.

The lowest step was not closed off and security was three sliding door latches – the little ones that barely withstand a strong breeze much less standing up to an entry attempt.

I’d ordered a commercial insulated metal ore-hung door that took about seven months to be delivered. A local carpenter built an insulated portico to take the casement with door.

New portico and door

The insulation is readily apparent, as the basement heater hardly cycles vs previously running better than half of the time.

Security is most likely the highest of any of our doors.

And vermin will have to find a different way to get in.

Other than the investment cost, it is all positive. I’m estimating that the break-even on the costs is about seven years, after which the energy savings will become our actual realized savings.



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