Quiet Tribute – George W9EVT SK

A very special friend completed his life journey. One of those people in your life you hold out as both friend and mentor.

I did not want to post a tribute until his family was ready to tell people that George Ulm W9EVT became an SK (Silent Key – aka “died’).

George lived a large life, and had a special knack of gaining interesting people as his acquaintances.  We traveled to the Dayton Hamvention and the number of ham celebrities who would come up to warmly greet George W9EVT was impressive.

Reaching out to help others learn the amateur radio hobby featured as a goal for George.  If a person found themselves in the W9EVT hamshack, he would put them on the air.  Often letting them use one of his “dream machine” transceivers.

My life has been made better being able to count George as a friend, an Elmer (mentor), Neighbor, and fellow ham.  Seeing the loving support Susan and their family provided to keep George on the air and “free range” into his 90’s is inspiring.

When the shadow of such a towering figure sets, the question remains -a  lingering concern actually – of the challenge to do anywhere near as well sharing unto others as what George W9EVT had done.



W9EVT QRZ.com page – https://www.qrz.com/db/W9EVT
W9EVT Obituary/Memorial – link to follow


One thought on “Quiet Tribute – George W9EVT SK

  1. Doug WA7PUG says:

    George touched many lives in amateur radio, mine included. He was a kind and inspirational operator and set the example for us all

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