Last Post Made Simple – Do not Install Free APPs

My previous post on Event Specific APPs – – resulted in a couple “Huh?” emails.

So I wanted to distill this down further – “Do not Install Free APPs” – that is about as simple as it can get.

Those APPs may be not what you think they are.

Free” means you and your data are the “Product.”

Let that sink in – your data is what is being traded for third party payments.

Few organizations have their own dedicated resources to test & vet an APP for security, much less build their own secure APPs.

And many APPs are hard to completely uninstall, if you do decide to install it for an event or special purpose period.

Or if like the Egyptian APP you may have invited an advanced suite of spyware on your phone by installing a Free APP.

Good luck getting clear of that mess.

It boils down to is “who do you trust?” the real issue when you know so little about the actual APP, the APP writers, and the tools they use to build up an APP.



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