Remote Operation Log hits 30-Thousand QSOs

Was somewhat surprised that my Remote operations from my workspace has already hit 30,000 logged QSOs.

I started ramping up the remote operations in earnest during the virus lockdowns, as I was one designated to actually come into the office so a signatory & officer was onsite.

The almost all of the remote QSOs are FT8 and use my Home-QTH station. or Work-QTH station.  So they were either remote by 300 feet to another building here at work or 10 miles remote if my home station was used.

The remote log excludes other QTH logs (Island, non-remote home, mobile) and anything I did remote before 2019, as my earlier remote efforts were logged in my main log rather than segregated.

Logged as the 30,000th remote QSO was George W2GLH on 30 meters FT8!

Details: 2022-11-21 12:44:00 W2GLH FM29 10.136362 FT8 Sent: +08 Rcvd: -02

Thank you George W2GLH!!



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