Spares and Spare Parts – Astron Power Supply Switch

Astron RS-35M Power Supply

Went out to do a SmartSDR upgrade to my Flex-6600M to the latest Alpha release, and at the stage where everything is all updated and I do a cold-reboot like I always do, the switch on the Astron RS-35M Power Supply failed.

I could feel the mechanical let-go as it happened. No more latching in the on position.

Annoyingly I didn’t have a spare at the Flex-6600M site, as I had gathered up extra power supplies to bench test them a while back and never put spares back out to this site. I know I have the spare prepositioned at the Island QTH. I just overlooked this site.

A quick check at Astron’s website and sure enough replacement parts are in their online shop.

The Broken Switch

I could have looked the same switch at the usual parts houses, especially if I took the time to pull the old switch for comparison, but as the whole order process took less time than typing this sentence and as I only wanted one plus a spare, it made sense to order from Astron.



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4 thoughts on “Spares and Spare Parts – Astron Power Supply Switch

  1. Kuby, N6JSX, MS-EET(ret) says:

    Since you will be opening up your RS35M, check the AC line after the switch but before the transformer to make sure it has the three surge protector MOV’s across all three AC lines/wires.

    My VS-50M had MOV’s but my VS-35M, RS-20 & RS12 did NOT. I added three SPD MOV’s to the AC lines – between the AC switch and step-down transformer.

    My Pyramid 35A did have MOV’s.

    MOV’s are cheap and adds a layer of protection. 2007 home-shack lightening hit found its way into my AC CB box on the return-line made that painfully obvious.

    • k9zw says:

      Can you do a write-up of your modifications for this blog?

      Thank you and 73


      • Dale Kubichek says:

        Too bad WordPress does not have article click counters or a thumb-up/down w/counts to give feedback to the site owner.

        Best regards, Dale Kubichek, N6JSX, MS-EET(ret)

  2. […] At my work QTH station while attempting to upgrade software on its Flex-6600M the power switch of the Astron RS-35M power supply failed.  Of course I didn’t have a spare RS-35M on the site, as one was a backup at the island QTH station and the other was stored at my home QTH. […]

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