Double Hamshack Hotline


With the help of the folk at HamShack HotLine I’ve added a “Second Endpoint” to my 610-000-0781 HamShack HotLine number.

A “Second Endpoint” uses same number (rings at the same time, only one directory listing, shows the same message waiting (I think) and so on) but is a separate physical phone that can be somewhere else on the internet.

My Second Endpoint will go to the Washington Island QTH.  As I power down my shack area when I am not there, it too will be powered up only when I have the shack on.

When I reclaim my main house office from family remote workers, I will likely add another “Second Endpoint” to keep in that workspace.

Dale N6JSX did a bit of research and it seems that several “Second Endpoints” on the same number are possible, limited to either 4 or 5 (he knows, but I forgot what he told me).  Apparently you can leave messages for self, and do a form of intercom between your endpoints as well.

Again HamShack HotLine is a nice addition to a ham shack, while not being a “must have.”  I’ve only spoken to small number of hams over it, though I have had messages left for me by a larger group.

Links and directions (you use the same HelpDesk Ticket system with a picture of your phone’s MAC address label for a “Second Endpoint” as you do for the initial line) are at:



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One thought on “Double Hamshack Hotline

  1. Kuby, N6JSX, MS-EET(ret) says:

    There are a few things I’ve learned you want to know. First is you want to read the HH Wiki page ; on this page there’s a list of phones with downloadable CFG/firmware for HH phone usage. These files made my life much easier, hence these are the phones I sought for my HH adventure. Since I used Cisco at work for years I stayed with what I know to work very well.

    Depending on how many HH friends you have the one-button speed-dial can be desirable feature. Hence, I’d look for either the Cisco SPA508 (8 speed-buttons) or the SPA509 (12 speed-buttons). I just bought three 509’s off eBay for $11 each.

    The most versatile of the Cisco phones is the SPA525. 525 can connect via LAN or WIFI. 525 also has bluetooth, but I’ve yet to use it. If you get a power connector to USB cable (eBay $4) with a rechargeable battery pack (eBay $25) you can make your 525 semi-portable (10Ahs is good for about 6hrs). eBay my 525 was $70. The only 525 negative, only has five speed-buttons.

    What makes HH/Cisco so good is the high quality audio via Speaker-phone and the professional Voicemail service. 525 audio is slightly better than the 504 or 508.

    I have two Cisco’s; 504 (kitchen) & 525 (shack/office). I gave my son a 504 all setup on his call-sign KE6ATW, now if I could only teach him how to plug it in, ugh (not on his priority list).

    HH is a good service, HH can be fun (if you have some one to talk too). HH has the capability to be used with repeaters or radios. I live in the very northern county in our NOAA area. Skywarn/NOAA has issues getting into our local wide-area repeater. Using HH could solve this problem if I could only talk these Skywarn groups into setting up HH phones.

    HH ‘Discord’ is boring with lots of ego’s. But the HH Discord is ready chat for latest in HH info.

    So far HH has been like monitoring an unused 440 repeater waiting for that once a month, maybe, call – highly capable but relatively unused. The really good news is HH is FREE, except for the physical phone cost. On eBay Ive seen good used Cisco phones go for $10 and their wall-wart $9 (prices wo/shipping). LAN Cat5e/Cat6 RJ45 cable length is your problem.

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