Another One Bites the Dust – Drobo reaches EOL?

Received this from Drobo

Drobo Technical Support Bulletin:
macOS Ventura Compatibility

Dear Valued Drobo Customer,
Thank you for entrusting Drobo with your critical data. We have found that the upcoming macOS Ventura update is currently incompatible with Drobo. We cannot guarantee compatibility with future OS updates. Therefore, if you are planning on upgrading your macOS we highly recommend backing up data that resides on your Drobo to mitigate any unknown impacts of incompatibility. Furthermore, the Drobo should be shut down prior to performing the OS update.
Before any major computer update, have a backup plan in place. Experts agree having 3 copies of your data is optimal, 2 copies onsite on different media types and one off-site copy. For further reading please visit
You can also visit the Support Knowledge Base for the below resources:
Do I need to disconnect my Drobo storage device before performing operating system upgrades?
What Best Practices should I follow when using my Drobo?

Best Regards,
Drobo Support Management
Questions? Visit the Drobo Support portal.

I have two Drobos – one of the very early originals before venture capital got their teeth into Drobo that I have been leaving run just to see how long it goes before breaking down. Its actual role was replaced long ago by a professional grade RAID unit.

The other was a unit I bought in 2018, a Drobo 5N2 that never worked right from the get go, and is so buggy & unreliable that I would be embarrassed to give it away much less sell it onwards.

My Drobo 5N2 was replaced with a Synology DS418play NAS Disk Station, which has been working well.

So what happened to Drobo that took them from Data Robotics as a darling of the industry in 2005 to rubbish that won’t work with major operating systems in 2022?  Success, a Merger, being bought out by Tech Venture Capitalists and lack of new products or product development.  It appears that Drobo hasn’t released a new product in five years and with massive incompatibilities might never catch up.

Drobo from the start used a proprietary configuration that favored plug-n-play of differing drives and end user ease of operation.  The down side is that configuration has remained closed meaning if the system breaks or if Drobo would disappear, you have no where to go for support or recovery efforts.

Like security cameras, the closed and proprietary nature of the product overwhelms any shiny-new-thing advantages over the long run.

Like the band Queen sang:

Another one bites the dustAnother one bites the dustAnd another one gone and another one goneAnother one bites the dust



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2 thoughts on “Another One Bites the Dust – Drobo reaches EOL?

  1. Scot, K9JY says:

    My Drobo controller gave out and wouldn’t work. I went to the web site to purchase another…and there wasn’t anything in stock for any of the products. Don’t remember the year – like before or during the pandemic. And putting the drives into a new RAID (Synology) would format all the drives and I lose all my data. I had to find a used Drobo (thanks to the Mac Power Users forum), put the drives in, export the data and then import to the new Synology. It was long, complicated, and frustrating. Especially since this was an established product; not like a Kickstarter product.

  2. […] One of my technology purchases that bit the dust with an undeclared EOL and unresolved incompatibilities with current Operating Systems were my Drobo units.  Junk now. […]

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