Have We Been Counterfeited – Government (Mis)Use of ID Cards? Ham Radio Licenses Next?

Do you remember getting your Social Security Number?  The trip to the courthouse to get your birth certificate and the multi-step process?

If you immigrated to the USA, do you remember the visa, permission to reside, permission to work, Green Card, and if you went that far Citizenship process with medical exams, interviews, and a dozen ways to Sunday of having to establish your bona fides?

According to press and congressional reports, these systems have marginalized by our present administration issuing seemingly unlimited documentation to the “transportees” brought to our border, southern border in particular.

They have also opened the floodgate to “instantly documented” “transportees.”  That seems to be an overreach by the Executive Branch, as quoted from the news:

“The U.S. Constitution states that only Congress can set the numbers of migrants allowed into the country, not the executive branch, so there’s a hard law issue here about to be violated.”

I would liken this to as if a group of people who haven’t been tested, haven’t been vetted, haven’t set up their FCC Cores(2) identity were to show up at the front desk of an FCC field office and be issued an Extra Class callsign and license on the spot.

Our hobby wouldn’t stand for that, would it?

So why are we allowing the easy distribution of official documentation reserved for bona fide citizens and residents to anyone that some NGO presents at our border?

We have a bad situation going on and need to sort this out.

(As background, I have done a parallel process overseas as a grad student and working, and my XYL is a naturalized citizen here.  My late Uncle was a Immigration Judge, which allowed me an youthful insight into the immigration problem – left quite an impression to see people wading/swimming across the Rio Grande visiting him as a school boy in El Paso.)



2 thoughts on “Have We Been Counterfeited – Government (Mis)Use of ID Cards? Ham Radio Licenses Next?

  1. Fred Sellstrom says:

    Hi Steve,
    I agree with your ramblings. My grandparents immigrated from Scandinavia, honorably achieved their citizenship, and contributed to society. My father (W6KTB) studied for, and was proud to earn his Extra, was my mentor, and I have been a mentor to both my licensed sons. You pose a good question – are non-legit ham licenses going to be routinely handed out? Our hobby exists at the discretion of those in power. I suggest some caution in your rambling if you prefer not to provoke a DOJ / FBI raid on your station by the current administration!
    Fred, W7KOZ

    • k9zw says:

      Hi Fred W7KOZ

      I would expect that every ham radio operator has a special annotation in their “permanent file” with the three-letter agencies by default.

      Adding being an ex-service member, advanced security clearance holder, EmCom training, other certifications, EmGov participation, overseas travels & family, past periods of living overseas (both military and civilian), FAA pilots licensing, …. perhaps right down to what hunting tags a person pulls, what sort of vehicles they own (that vintage tractor could be alarming!), your Amazon purchases, Goodread book lists, what you donate to, …. clubs/churches/schools you bong to or have belonged to in the past… your 4471 firearm purchase forms retained under one program or another, the URLs you visited, the books on your Kindle, whether you have read them, how fast your reading was during the reading, anything you have published or reviewed, your tax records, audits (if any), large transaction reports, what foods the system says you but grocery shopping, your medical records… an much more…

      Add just being a blogger (With Varying Frequency, my blog, is in it 16th year), an author, appearing on podcasts, penning those magazine articles, letters to the editors, whose campaign donation list you appear on…

      These all come together to almost ensure many of us are on a “list” of some sort.

      The hope is that list is one seen a favorable or at least neutral, rather than a list to be punished/detained.

      But then Uncle Sam taught us how to do lists, so we should understand them well.

      We certainly cannot afford to either cower from the list makers, nor attract undue attention unless that is truly our intent.

      But be certain when things get interesting it is unlikely Amateur Radio licensees will be left alone.



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