Remote Flex-6700 Start/Reboot

Remote-On Setup

Occasionally one of my radios needs to be rebooted, which requires someone to push the front panel button unless you have made other provisions.

My other provisions need to change, as the grad student/remote worker who has been around our place is moving on to the next phase in their life sometime later this year, so my text/phone call method of rebooting my radio will change.

Following along with FlexRadio’s “approved” method, which they do as a kit (at the time of this writing it is out of stock though):

Basically through software you configure the radio to use an RCA rear panel jack to sense if it should boot when power is present, rather than staying in a standby stage.

While it is perfectly possible to use a Smart Plug/Strip to simply shut off and turn on the power to the power supply feeding the radio, it is inelegant and also takes down everything else powered by the same power supply.

The slick way is to manipulate the RCA jack to control the radio as the radio expects.

I’ve had good experience with the Kasa Smart Plug units, have had one on test for 3-1/2 years at this stage. I’ve also used the power strip version to reboot electronics for family in assisted living, which saves me time and allows the reboot and manually sequenced restart to happen if the unit is in quarantine or if I am away. (I just need internet access to help them out.)

Here is the part list of what I am using for the Flex-6700:

Kasa Smart Plug HS103

Digital Loggers Enclosed AC/DC Power Relay with Protection & De-Bounce. Screw Terminals. 120V Trigger Input

RCA to Bare Wire Cable

The wiring is simple, as you use the the top two (the common and the normally open) as shown in this FlexRadio provided picture:

The Setup Same Again but for Keying the Radio

Now it is a more advanced thing to be able to remotely key the radio for specific tasks. I am using the same setup plus a block style Y-splitter to do this task.

PTT Remote Setup

The Y-splitter allows access for my foot PTT which I use in the shack.

RCA Male to Dual RCA Female Jack Y Splitter Audio Adapter

FlexRadio may have the kits back in stock:

Otherwise without the Y-Splitter buying casually via Amazon ended up significantly cheaper, as I bought multipacks to do several of my radios.

(I decided to not make up a buying list as I would expect the particular items to be revised, refreshed or updated over time).

Here is what the App looks like on an iPhone:

Kasa App Buttons for Flex-6700 #1



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