Some Reasons Why I am Staying Closer to Home – Ham Super Spreader Events?

There seems to be a maelstrom out there, and I for one am at the moment prone to sit tight.

After hearing that the Contest University (CTU) folks at Hamvention 2022 had significant numbers came down with COVID I was a bit skeptical how large group meetings were going to turn out.

Now that I am hearing reports that the Central State VHF Conference also became a spreader-event, along with reports from industry trade association attendees of similar spreader events outside of the ham world, I am doubly cautious.

When my XYL came down traveling to help her elderly parents move to assisted living, spending quarantine time in a dorm room sized suite on her own in Europe, my caution went up another notch. She reports isolating was more than worrisome, expensive and inconvenient, it was emotionally difficult.

When I came down with a second bout of the virus, with no traceable point of exposure unless you are willing to presume that some vaccinated people can be symptomless carriers, it further became time to rethink things.

The virus is not gone, and if you catch it you lose a couple weeks and maybe much more if your are unlucky.

The protective injections fail to actually protect us, and the mutating virus walks around acquired immunity.

So there is a new calculus in my life – will potential increased exposure of an activity be worth the risk of a couple weeks of sick and down time?

An awful lot of events are coming up short in the evaluation, as the benefits of participation are overwhelmed by the risk of more virus exposure.

I should mention that I really want to avoid becoming a typhoid-Mary, in that we assist those who are elderly and I exercise a two different places that some of the others exercising there have a greater virus risk.

I have canceled plans to travel to Dallas and St Louis for two separate business conferences that fall into the “nice to go, but not critical” category.

Decided to not plan on attending the W9DXCC, especially as one can bet that Illinois will return to requiring masks – adding insult to the exposure risk.

My scheduled Canadian hunting trip has been canceled, less so over the exposure risk once I am there, but more about the very slow recovery so far from my second virus sickness. I am certain I will not be fit enough by final go/no-go decision time to consider the hunt.

Now what AM I going to do instead?

Station time will figure into replacement activities, of course.

I had my little fishing boat updated with a new outboard motor, and there are plenty of fishing challenges to do!

With that same little boat, I think I will try my hand at doing some US Island activations with the KX-3 setup I bought from a cousin.

Both home and island QTH have antenna projects to be finished up.

I may do some actual travel, but for something much higher in value than conferences or ham events – as we may go to visit relatives/friends. Some of the visits we can drive, but one to England does have a lot more travel exposure to seriously reflect upon.

And otherwise I can shuttle between home QTH and island QTH, with minimal exposure.



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2 thoughts on “Some Reasons Why I am Staying Closer to Home – Ham Super Spreader Events?

  1. ve9kk says:

    Very interesting topic and very timely, seems that a large portion of society wants to believe we are done with COVID and let’s get back to the way things used to be. COVID at this point with the strains and vaccinated folks is not as deadly BUT a lot of people are getting Sick. There are large-scale service interruptions in transit, train, airlines, hospitals and so on. It may be time to see that a protocol change needs to take place. COVID has brought around a new normal and one that some are having a very hard time facing.

  2. Kuby, MS-EET(ret) says:

    As Steve has told all he is overcoming Covid #2 for himself and #2 seems to be lingering with Steve.

    I’m recovering from cancer and have been hiding in my basement office/shack for a few years, now. I’m now officially a big-C survivor and in the final throws of flushing 3yrs of cancer treatments. However, during this time I was told my immune system is compromised so Covid was been a real concern for me.

    Masks (especially cloth ‘designer’ masks) are a joke, they do not prevent us from getting Covid just like the JAB prevents nothing. But if you have Covid a mask will minimize your infection sphere from +12ft to ~3ft.

    I got the first two Maderna JABs but after reading all the complications, lack of verification’s, and then the US Gov’t ‘not’ considering Covid survivor ‘natural immunity’ I have to logically conclude something else is going on. The mandated need for the JABs no longer meets the STINK test; POTUS and St Fauci still got Covid, twice. Plus there are reports that the JABs help resist Covid but the VAX suppresses our immune system to allow other types of virus’s to potentially get us.

    July 2nd I came out of my basement to go out for super with my bride-wife, also a HAM, for our 44th anniversary celebration. We went to a Texas Road House for a steak super. July 5th I tested positive for Covid and felt like crap, i.e. sinus head cold with flu symptoms. On July 9th I was given the monarchical-antibodies-infusion. A week later my sinus/lung cold finally seemed to abate. I still tested positive on July 18th even though I was feeling much better. Finally on July 23, I tested Covid clean. So it appears my 1st Covid experience took ~21 days to overcome. I consider myself fortunate (and I did get some unlucky Lotto tickets). I have no idea what strain I got, I hope I have lots of Covid anti-bodies in my blood as I ain’t doing no more JABs to powder the pockets of Big Pharma.

    Common-sense says “LIMIT OUR EXPOSURE”. So choose your exposure wisely, i.e. how many near people, how closely spaced, how many unknown people do you want to mingle with, and how well can you throw your life-cycle dice. 7/11 or craps?

    de N6JSX/8, May 12th surpassed 50yrs a HAM

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