Battery Replacement in my RiserBond 1270 TDR

[edits on 15AUG22 are in italics]

Frustration is taking your TDR out to a friends place to check his new vertical antenna installation and having it come up lame.

That the drive was 2-1/2 hours followed by a 1/2 hour ferry ride, “salts the wound.”

My TDR is an older RiserBond 1270:

RiserBond 1270 TDR

Inside the unit a sealed Lead-Acid battery lurks. Later RiserBond models use Metal-Nickle-Halide packs. But mine uses the old school battery pack:

Hawker Cyclon 6v 5.0Ah 0809-0012 Battery

When the TDR wouldn’t take a charge overnight, I had hoped I could run it from the wall-wart, but if the battery is too low the unit errors out after 8 seconds.

To get to the pack there is a fastener in each of the feet of the yellow-case. Two are screws and two are locknuts.

Remove those and gently tap the posts where locknuts were, to encourage the unit to drop out onto the heavy towel you put on your bench.

The battery is in a shielded box secured with four locknuts and the connectors are spade-type, which have been attached by solder with heat-shrink insulation.  So you will need those tools and replacement heat-shrink to do a replacement. [added 11AUG22]

Ordered a new pack which should be here during the week. Fortunately this type of pack is used in certain medical devices, so it wasn’t hard to source.

The dead battery has should have been installed early summer of 2017, but as I did a little health thing that year, and then the TDR was put into a tote when we moved QTH in 2018. That is where it say unused long enough to spoil the five year old pack what capacity was left of the original battery pack.

The previous pack had worked fine for about ten years, when it slowly stopped holding more than 15 minutes of charge.

Hadn’t seen the 8-seconds to shutdown error back then. So it was new when it came up.

Should be have been back in business when the battery replacement arrives and was installed, but I am troubleshooting some other power fault, possibly a an intermittent battery wire situation.  



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