Time Trappings – Getting Older in a Radio World

Missed a reunion over the weekend. Stayed away mostly about health, as the XYL shouldn’t go after her hairdresser came down with Covid and I rather suspected my once classmates would not be impressed with my relentless coughing on them, as I have that cough as part of the left over symptoms from my second Covid infection.

Lots of pictures were posted, including a memorial list of the 8-10% of the class who have already died. The rest of the pictures featured a pretty aged group.

Guess we all got old.

The minimal feedback so far is less “Topper” was played (sometimes call “Mine is Bigger than Yours” where conversation becomes a brag-fest) and a bit more of “I survived so far” was heard.

Looking over the pictures I realized that very few of these people have a current place in my life, and how tenuous any claims of involvement have become over so many decades.

That my education and career took me very far out of the local world, including a long stint overseas in several countries, perhaps increased the distance between us, but I would rather think it was more because each of those classmates filled their lives with people that mattered to them.

Yes, I hope that their lives have been filled with good people and meaningful experiences!

Even more I hope they have a good forward trajectory. Survival falls short of thriving.

I hope they have dreams, plans and wishes that will carry them forward.

Deeper reflection on Amateur Radio suggests that a lot of hams plateau, basically doing the same thing until old age trims their activities.

Something happened where consistency appears to have displaced “dreams, plans and wishes” in at least their radio world.

Oh sure, some tick off a few extra countries/band/mode combinations, and a very rare few head off to operate from distant places.

But many – maybe most that are actually on the air – end up doing Nets and increasing lower impact operating modes (like FT8, which as a confession I am running on the other monitor as I type this post… guess I am old too…) – they kind of “dry up” in terms of expanding and exploring their radio world.

What is an old ham to do?

Maybe it is time for new radio goals and objectives?

Personally, I’ve declared I am “In Transition” as I dig a bit deeper about what my radio “dreams, plans and wishes” really are.

I have two station building projects which I need to see operationally complete.

Beyond that work, I’m not ready to say. Not yet anyway.

What are your plans?



One thought on “Time Trappings – Getting Older in a Radio World

  1. My future plan is to rebuild my shack after we complete a remodel of our home. I do not have a dedicated shack space, and this remodel will allow me to create it. This is a 12 month plan due to the challenges of the remodel, but I think it will be worth the effort.

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