SPOT BBS – Running Strong

The Physical SPOT BBS

SPOT BBS continues to run strong.

Address is port 8888 for HTML, port 1122, for SSH and port 1123 for Telnet connections.

There is Gopher access via the /+ command at the main menu, Multi-Relay Chat with the /M command, and extensive message and file areas.

And yes it is old school BBS menu navigation, so consider that a feature rather than a bug.

The original SPOT BBS ran OPUS Software some 30 years ago, on a Columbia PC with an MS-DOS OS, using a Hayes HST Modem.

Today’s version runs MysticBBS Software on a MintBox under Linux Mint, and has direct TCP/IP access.

I’d like to think that SPOT had something to do with this famous “Spot:”

Spot the Munster’s pet dragon

But that is not the case. SPOT was from S.P.O.T. which was from “Someone Playing On Transistors” which made sense back in the day.

Anyway, SPOT BBS is open and you are welcome to join in!

Links to my previous SPOT BBS posts:




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