Collins Collectors Association – call for helpers

This recently was sent to the CCA membership:


Help Wanted — CCA
From: Scott Kerr
Date: Sat, 23 Jul 2022 15:24:09 PDT 


As you know, I am no longer on the CCA Board since I have termed out and have to stand down for a couple of years. I still am very active as an advisor and still retain some of my former duties. Therefore the following is not from the Board — but I have been around long enough that I feel that I can speak freely.

Several of the leaders have approached me in the last few days with concern about the state of the CCA. They have made it known that it increasingly hard to find members that want to contribute to the workload that is required to keep the CCA going at its current level. When you consider that we have a huge website, a reflector on, the membership to keep up with, updates to payments, addresses, email addresses and call signs, money to keep up with and tax returns to file, nets that run every week all across the nation and Dayton to plan and execute, plus the biggest workload is publishing the Signal Magazine. The guys that are doing the work now are doing a super job……but are used up! If you are one of those guys helping out now then a big thanks to you!

The Signal used to be a newsletter with some technical articles but Bill Carns N7OTQ turned it into an incredible four color magazine. Very few know just how much work that endeavor was. Since Bill is a very close friend, I saw how much time Bill put into the that work. It was basically a full time job and the body of work was unbelievably good.

This club has been around now for over 30 years. Those that started it back in the 90’s and made it into the fine organization that it is, are now a lot older! Now we have lost so many dear friends and many of those that remain are not as able to contribute like they used to. It is no secret that the generation behind us are not as excited about collecting boat anchors and of those that are, most are still working full time jobs. As someone who is still out in the workforce as an owner of a small company, I can say that work is not what it used to be. There is just little free time – as the internet and email has turned work into a 24×7 affair. Combine that with the changes that COVID has brought to our world and now inflation ravishing our economy we are living in a very different world than we enjoyed 10 or 15 years ago.

I get it. 


The problem is that there is just too much work to do for the few guys who are making things happen for the CCA – and we are having more and more difficulty finding new contributors to step up and help. We cannot continue to have a 20 meter net every week with the number of net controls that we have. The other nets seem to be fine. We cannot continue to have a Signal Magazine of the caliber that it is now without a new Editor who also needs to see a lot more help from the membership contributing articles. We cannot ask a guy to be President and Editor. It is too much work!! And both duties will suffer for it. We cannot expect regular updates to the website and expansion of the same without some technical help from some of the members.

This may sound harsh but I have pleaded nicely for years for guys to step up. Let me be really clear. Either some of the members – and I mean you – are willing to get excited, pitch in and contribute to the workload  or the benefits available to the members are going to change — soon. We HAVE to have more 20 meter net controls or the 20 meter net is not going happen every Sunday. We HAVE to have someone step in as Editor or we are going to have to pull back to more of a newsletter and we would still need a new Editor. And lastly, as a result of Loney Duncan’s passing, we also need to have one more board member – that is willing to work. As someone who has been involved I can honestly say that I have made some of my closest and dearest friends in the process!

We are going to have a zoom call soon for those that are interested in stepping up and pitching in. When it happens, I hope to see a lot of you there.

73, Scott

Scott Kerr – KE1RR

Past President Collins Collectors Association

Retired Editor Signal Magazine

IT and Web Support

Dayton Chair

First I would like to commend Scott KE1RR for a very accurate assessment of the organization’s needs going forward.  

There is a reality check that fewer and fewer hams will have their own historic contact with classic radios, and Collins in particular.  Though I had seen various S-Line setups it wasn’t until George W9EVT first gave me a chance to go on the air with some of his vintage radios, and then got me started Collins S-Line station building that I had any hands on contact with these radios.  

Watching the skills of Chuck W9KR as he refreshed my radios, I have quickly realized I have a lot of learning to do before I have mastered these vintage radios.  Right now I am still in the operator’s leaning curve, and far short of my goal of being able to care for these radios. 

And the big take-away is that almost every radio club is facing the same volunteer shortages.  That is a topic for another post.




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