Island Tower Base is in!

Amazing what a checkbook can get done while you are laid up with the virus.

New Base installed

Think the hole is next to the pile of removed rocks

A few weeks back I walked the layout with my island contractor, who said his team would squeeze my project in.

Seems the time was now, which of course conflicted with my home quarantine and sleeping 20 out of 24 hours virus isolation.

The pour will take several weeks before I can erect the tower. First the tip-up/fold-over attachment goes on.

Then the rest is easy.

Even though I have a taller Skyneedle that could have gone up, I settled on my proven crank-up tip-up/fold-over antenna to avoid needing a lift for any rotator/antenna servicing.

Why the concrete cures I will have plenty of time to get the antennas ready. Uncertain if I will dig in the cables before all the heavy work is complete.




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